ENR Academics

Some of the nation’s leading scholars in the field of environmental law expose students to emerging problem-solving tools in cutting-edge courses and provide practical training skills-based courses.

Related Concentrations

University of Oregon School of Law offers optional concentrations. Earning a certificate in a particular concentration area helps ensure a full understanding of that area of the law.

For students interested in environmental issues, there are two environmentally-focused concentrations to pursue:

As well as environmentally-aligned concentrations: 
Green Business Law
International Law
Law & Public Policy and Public Interest


Concurrent Degrees

JD/MA in Community and Regional Planning (CRP)

This concurrent degree is offered in conjunction with the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM).


JD/MS or MA in Environmental Studies

Offered by the law school and the College of Arts and Sciences Environmental Studies Program, this concurrent degree program results in two degrees in four years rather than the standard five. ​​​​​It allows students to study aspects of environmental regulation and resource development from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.


JD/MS in Water Resource Management (with Oregon State University)

Oregon Law and Oregon State University offer concurrent degrees that provide students with an intersection between the law and water resources engineering, science, or policy and management.


Courses highlight the practical aspects of law to convey an understanding of how courts, agencies, legislative bodies, and international forums actually function in the broad spectrum of environmental decision making.

Course List

  • Administrative Law
  • Advanced Environmental Law Clinic
  • Climate Change Law & Policy
  • Comparative Environmental Law
  • Energy and Law
  • Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Law Clinic
  • Environmental Litigation and Practice 
  • Environmental Moot Court
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Law Externship
  • Environmental Policy Practicum
  • Hazardous Waste Law
  • Human Rights and the Environment    
  • Indian Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation
  • Land Trust Conservation Law
  • Land Use Law
  • Local Government Law
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Ocean and Coastal Law
  • Public Trust Law
  • Tribal Courts and Tribal Law
  • Water Resources Law

Selected Environmental Law Coursework

First year (1L) (assigned schedule)

  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Civil Procedure
  • Property
  • Constitutional Law I
  • Criminal Law

Example of Second Year (2L) Coursework

  • Administrative Law
  • Comparative Environmental Law
  • Constitutional Law II
  • Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Legal Profession
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Evidence

Example of Third Year (3L) Coursework

  • Energy and the Law
  • Water Resources Law
  • Business Associations
  • Hazardous Waste Law
  • Land Use Law
  • Local Government Law
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Climate Change Law and Policy

Professional Development

At Oregon Law, we take your future seriously.

All first-year law students are required to take a professional development seminar. And throughout your time here, you will receive individualized, tailored professional development coaching.

First Year (1L)
  • Professional Development Seminar
  • Explore ENR practice areas
  • Meet with career counselor
  • Meet with ENR director
  • Join UO Law Linkedln group
  • Summer experience

-US Department of Justice Summer Clerkship
-Department of Fish & Game
-Vestas-American Wind Technology
-Oregon Clean Water Action Project
-McKenzie River Trust
-Trustees for Alaska; Crag Law

Second Year (2L)
  • Narrow career exploration to specific employers/locations
  • Seek out networking opportunities
  • ENR summer employment

-EPA Summer Honors Clerk
-Our Children’s Trust
-Council for Environmental Quality/Lawyers for Clean Water
-Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
-Bonneville Power Administration

Third Year (3L)
  • Apply for jobs and post-JD opportunities