Hans Linde Fellowship

The Hans Linde Fellowship was established in 2012 and each year provides a stipend to a second-year, third-year, or LL.M. Oregon Law student who is actively interested in analyzing issues at the intersection of law and public policy. The term of the fellowship is one full academic year.


This fellowship is open to current second- and third-year law students, as well as LL.M. students, at the University of Oregon. Students conducting research for a class with a writing requirement are excellent candidates for the fellowship. Students working on relevant journal articles may also apply. 

Award Amount


  • $2,000 awarded at the beginning of fall semester
  • $2,000 awarded at the beginning of spring semester

Fellowship Project 

The Hans Linde Fellow will complete a research paper of at least 25 pages. The Fellow will also give an informal seminar on his/her/their research paper or participate in at least one appropriate presentation event during the fellowship year. The Oregon Law Public Law and Policy Program will oversee the selection process as well as financial and logistical issues. The Fellow will be responsible for securing a faculty advisor prior to applying to provide oversight for the research, as is traditional for the writing requirement.  

How to Apply

Applicants should submit a 700-word essay on their interest and proposed legal scholarship on a question at the intersection of law and public policy. This focus is meant to be broad and to cover a wide array of topics. Thus, eligible projects may involve examining the creation or implementation of legal rules in real-world social contexts; examining how the law can be reshaped or influenced by different institutions applying legal rules (such as courts, agencies, or local and state governmental entities); or examining how legal rules in a particular context may affect the everyday lives of individuals. Students should identify and secure approval from a faculty supervisor for the research. Research that explores multi-jurisdictional questions or focuses on the intersection of multiple legal frameworks is well suited for this fellowship.

Submit applications via the link on the MyLaw Scholarship Opportunities page.

Application deadline is September 10, 2021. 

About Hans Linde

The fellowship is in honor of Hans Linde, former Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics. He served as a justice of the Oregon Supreme Court from 1977 to 1990, and he is a former professor of law at the University of Oregon. His publications include a course book on legislative and administrative processes and more than 75 articles, lecturers, and reviews. He is a member of the Council of the American Law Institute and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

The Linde Project endowment was established to foster inquiry and discussion concerning the law, operations, and future development of multi-state or multi-national institutions that can address problems that extend beyond traditional borders.  

Contact Jennifer Geller, the Public Law and Policy Program Managing Director, for more information.