Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of Oregon School of Law affirms the right of all individuals to equal opportunity in education and employment, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other extraneous consideration not directly and substantively related to effective performance. Our facilities and services are available only to employers whose practices are consistent with this policy.

The School of Law is compelled to make an exception to this policy. The United States Armed Forces discriminate against transgender individuals. Federal law mandates the loss of federal funds to the entire University if military recruiters are not granted the same access to campus and to students as other employers. In order to avert the loss of federal funding, the School has suspended under protest the application of its non-discrimination policy as applied to military recruiters. This exception to our policy does not in any way reflect acceptance of, or agreement with, discriminatory hiring practices.

In addition, the School of Law permits employers to set age parameters in some limited circumstances where age could be directly and substantively related to effective performance.