Paying for Sports Law

Tuition is set based on Summer Semester JD credit-hour rates. For the 2019 session, tuition and mandatory fees are $9,830 for resident (in-state) students and $10,664 for non-resident (out-of-state) students. This fee covers tuition for the entire 6-credit program, access to the UO’s newly renovated Student Recreation Center, and the cost of certain travel, meals, and other events. The $500 seat deposit will be applied toward the program tuition.

Not included in the tuition is the cost of meals and entertainment, and some travel. Students will also need to purchase a casebook for approximately $169.

Attendees who are not current University of Oregon students must also pay a $430 matriculation fee.


Most students finance their program fees and living expenses through federal financial aid or loans. Please work with the administrators at your home school to determine your financial aid eligibility as a visiting student.

If you are awarded financial aid, the aid will be disbursed directly to you, and you will be responsible for paying the program tuition to the University of Oregon. To make this happen, your home-school financial aid administrators will need to complete a "consortium agreement" with the University of Oregon.

You or they should contact Sandy Weintraub, interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, at UO Law who handles such matters on our end.


Once students have paid their $500 “seat deposit” and claimed their electronic Duck ID, they will have the opportunity to work with the UO Housing Office to locate appropriate accommodations.

In prior years, many students have chosen to live together in one of the UO residency halls in order to enhance the program’s community feeling. Other students have opted instead to sublet a nearby apartment, often in groups of two or more.

We will provide additional information and assistance regarding affordable housing once you have completed your application process.