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Drive change with an education from the University of Oregon School of Law. Join a community of influencers, advocates, and activists who seek to protect, improve, and innovate the legal system to make society better.

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At Oregon Law, We Believe Outcomes Matter


Overall employment rate for 2023 JD graduates
Two-YEar ultimate bar passage (Class of 2021)

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Two ENR law students waiting to present before a committee at the white house.

Practical Experience

Through hands-on experiences, create employment and networking opportunities, and develop critical lawyering and client practice skills:

  • Clinical Programs
  • Field Placements
  • Fellowships
  • Pro Bono
  • Volunteer
  • Law Journals
  • Moot Court Competition
  • Simulation Courses

Combined with traditional in-class learning, these experiences will prepare you to be ready for practice upon graduation. And, we see career success as a journey, not a destination. We offer a personalized approach to career and professional planning and guide you to become leaders in the legal field you choose.

Become Practice-Ready


Scott Wright, JD '19, and President Obama

“Serving in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan were defining experiences in my life, and my time at war only strengthened my resolve to go to law school. I saw and experienced both the very best and the very worst parts of human nature during my time in combat.  I saw what happens when there is a breakdown of law and order, when the rule of law is no longer respected.”

—Scott Wright, JD ‘19
Presidential Management Fellow
United States Department of Defense
Washington, DC



Get Connected

While law school is challenging, the community here is positive and supportive. Professors and students alike want you to succeed.

Law Students
full-time and part-time faculty members
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Paying for School

As the state's only public law school, you can benefit from an exemplary, accredited legal education in a cost-effective manner.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are based on residency, student classification, and the number of credits enrolled. They are subject to revision each year.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The cost of a legal education is a reality. We see it as an investment in your future.

In addition to scholarships and fellowships, Oregon Law students can apply for federal financial aid.

Top National Grades

National Jurist Magazine

Environmental Natural Resources Law
Family Law
Appropriate Dispute Resolution
Business Law

Nationally Ranked Specialty Programs

Master’s in Negotiation and Conflict Management (College Choice)
Legal Writing (US News & World Report)
Environmental Natural Resources Law (US News & World Report)
Appropriate Dispute Resolution (US News & World Report)
Top 10
LLM Alternative Dispute Resolution (LLM Guide)


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