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Volume 2   |   Issue 3

Navigating Early Careers in Legal Writing

Spring 2022

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Conference Programs

Click below to access an online repository of programs from past legal writing conferences, provided as a service by the Legal Research and Writing Program at the University of Oregon School of Law.

Past Conference Programs

Contribute to Proceedings

Thank you for considering submitting a presentation essay to our online journal and/or a program to our conference program repository. 

Presentation Essays

We welcome submissions on any topic that has been (or was scheduled to be) presented at regional and national conferences that are focused on advancing the broad fields of legal writing and legal writing education.

We anticipate that most essay submissions will come as part of a curated group by someone connected to the program or presentation.  Please include the conference name, date, and location with your submission.

Online journal submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Journal submissions may not exceed 1500 words and are typically due no later than 60 days after the close of the conference.

Conference Programs

This site also acts as a repository for legal writing conference programs.  In many instances, the conference will have been sponsored by a national legal writing organization or a regional consortium (e.g., Rocky Mountain).  In some instances, the program may be an excerpt from a conference (like SEALS) or annual meeting (like AALS) that was aimed at legal writing faculty.  Conference programs may be submitted at any time.

Submission Information

All submissions must be saved as Microsoft Word (doc, docx) or Adobe PDF (pdf) files. 

Please email all submissions to Barbi McLain, Managing Editor, at  We reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason; those accepted will be lightly edited.

Subsequent Use

We hope that authors will later turn essays from Proceedings into scholarly articles. If you do, please include the following statement: "Ideas in this article originally appeared in Proceedings, published by the University of Oregon School of Law’s Legal Research and Writing Program.”  For anyone who would like to cite these essays, we suggest the issue, followed by Proceedings (2022).

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