On-Campus Recruiting - Employers

Our students want to meet you.

A JD student and an Alumnus employer meet at the On-Campus Interviews.
Eric Dennis, JD ’21, and John S. Wilson, JD ’08, Partner at K& L Gates 


“I can think of no other similar interview opportunity where an employer is able to achieve meaningful interactions with top-quality candidates in a condensed time period. And while we cannot select every candidate for a position, OCIs allow me to connect with each student by sharing information about our firm, and my practice.” 

 — John S. Wilson, JD ’08, Partner at K& L Gates 


Greetings from the Career Center. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your recruiting needs. Every year we host fall and spring On-Campus Recruiting and Resume Collection Programs (OCIs). We are very enthusiastic about introducing you to our current students and graduates. We offer our sincere gratitude to employers who participated in our 2021 recruitments during such an unprecedented time.   

If you have questions, please contact Melissa Panter, Career Center Manager, at lawcareer@uoregon.edu and (541) 346-3883. 


We have set aside the following dates to interview Oregon Law students:  

  • Law firms and businesses are scheduled for August 2-5, 2022 (OCI Week 1). 
  • Public sector and public interest employers are scheduled for September 27-30, 2022 (OCI Week 2).   

We encourage entities to join us during the identified dates, however we can make other accommodations as needed throughout the academic year.  Please contact us and we can discuss options. Stay tuned to hear more about spring OCI in March 2023 (dates to be determined in consultation with individual firms). 

Interviews will continue to be conducted remotely.  



If you are registering in our Symplicity system for the first time as an employer:

1. Go to the Symplicity Employer Log-In Page
2. Click on “Register” under log-in fields
3. Fill out the requested information and click “Submit”
4. You will receive an email within 48 hours with a Symplicity username and password


1. Log on to Symplicity.
2. Choose “View Schedule Requests” from the “Shortcuts” list on the right hand menu
3. Click on the “Request Schedule” button
4. Choose “OCI Week 1 (Fall 2022)” or "OCI Week 2 (Fall 2022)" from list of schedules
5. Complete the required information and click “Submit”
6. Registration confirmation will be sent by email within 48 hours

REGISTRATION FOR RESUME COLLECTION (for employers not interviewing on campus)

1. Log on to Symplicity
2. Select “Create Job Posting” under Shortcuts.
3. Complete the posting form, indicating “Resume Collect” at the end of the job title
4. You may request that applications be collected in our system (Accumulate online) or that applicants submit directly to you by your preferred method
5. When finished, click “Submit.” Posting confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours


Send by email to the Career Center.