Networking & Professional Engagement


Oregon Law students participating in the Portland Program have access to unique resources and events during the third year of study in Portland. For example, through a mentorship program, each student is matched with a local practitioner-mentor, who can provide frank advice and guidance about making a successful transition from law school to practice in the Portland market.


In addition, the Portland Program hosts a series of innovative programming events, inviting distinguished professionals from the local bar, government, business, and the nonprofit sector to share their wisdom and experiences with Oregon Law students. 


Beyond the programs and events sponsored by the Law School, Portland offers students with countless opportunities to interact with local attorneys, judges as well as leaders in government, business, and nonprofits. Mingle with new attorneys at social events sponsored by the Oregon State Bar’s New Lawyers Division or Multnomah Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section. Get connected with established specialty bar groups like the Oregon Women Lawyers.

The Portland Program maintains an up-to-date calendar of professional and networking events in the Portland area, including bar section and industry events, CLEs, symposia, and social receptions. Current students can check the Portland events calendar on Mylaw under the “Registrar” tab.