Business Law Clinic

The Business Law Clinic provides free legal services to Oregon businesses and entrepreneurs, including students.  These services are available to people who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. 

Clinic services include:   

  • Forming entities, such as LLCs and corporations   
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts   
  • Filing state trademarks or service marks
  • Researching business-related legal issues
  • Reviewing Name Image & Likeness agreements

To obtain more information about the Clinic’s services and the possible timeline for assistance, please complete this form and someone from the Clinic will respond.

The Clinic is a class at Oregon Law that provides law students the opportunity to work with businesses under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  It operates between August and May each year.

Since 2004, the Clinic has worked with several hundred businesses, including entertainment and multi-media marketers, food product creators, and organic farmers, to name a few. For general information about the Clinic, including community educational opportunities that the Clinic offers, contact Mindy Wittkop.

Read the Register Guard article about the Business Law Clinic which highlights student Taylor Funk and client Kerri Vanden Berg.