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Conflict is a natural part of life—and individuals, organizations, and communities can only succeed if they have the skills to manage disagreements effectively.

At the Oregon Law Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center, students learn how to manage complex interactions outside the traditional litigation setting through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and a host of hybrids and other alternative approaches.

With an emphasis on social justice and positive change—inside and outside the classroom—ADR Center faculty provide excellent teaching and skills-based learning to help students tackle real-world problems.

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The ADR program has ranked in the nation's top ten for more than ten years running.

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The ADR Center hosts the Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution, a state office supporting sixteen community dispute resolution centers in 25 Oregon counties. Additionally, the ADR Center works closely with the following:

Practical Experience

Get hands-on experience in identifying the most appropriate way to resolve a dispute through negotiations, deals, and group decision-making with ADR fellowships.

ADR Fellowships


Potential careers in conflict resolution include:

  • Lawyer
  • Settlement Judge
  • Arbitrator
  • Mediator
  • Ombudsperson
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Community Relations Professional

ADR Careers

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Distinguished, award-winning Law School faculty bring their expertise, access, and scholarship to the ADR Center.

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