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Fellows explore innovative law and policy to promote a green energy future.

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ELPP Fellows

Mathew Bain - 2L- Bowerman Fellow

Mathew graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Hispanic Studies. He is passionate about helping communities become more sustainable and the role that law and policy play in that process. In his free time, Mathew enjoys hiking, climbing, road biking and reading. He is looking forward to his first year at the University of Oregon School of Law as a fellow with the Energy Law and Policy Project. 

Kaitlyn Lindaman- 3L - Bowerman Fellow 

Kaitlyn grew up in the bluffs of Winona, Minnesota, before heading north up the Mississippi River to Saint Paul, where I attended Macalester College. She majored in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Economics and a minor in Data Science. In undergrad she got to work on a research team addressing mining futures in Northern Minnesota and post-grad she served as MN GreenCorps member in a Parks and Forestry division in city government. She thinks it is valuable to consider all levels of communities and their respective abilities to adapt to environmental challenges and strains and is excited to see how both the law and policy can help accomplish this. In her free time she likes running on trails, cross-country skiing (skijoring with her Samoyeds when home in Minnesota), and exploring Oregon. 

Noah Mikell- 2L - Bowerman Fellow 

Noah Mikell is a second-year law student with a growing passion for wild places and conservation. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, he became increasingly interested in ecology and environmental policy, and made an effort to better understand the ecosystems around him. Along the way, Noah’s mentors and colleagues have inspired him to learn more about renewable energy policy as another tool in his environmentalist toolbox. Noah is enthusiastic about multidisciplinary work and is eager to contribute to the ENR Center’s efforts to promote a clean energy future. In his free time, you might find Noah cruising the bike paths, fishing, or hiking.

Timothy Smith - 3L- Bowerman Fellow

Timothy Smith is a 3L with a strong passion for zero emission vehicle adaptation. Ever since he was a child, Timothy has been fascinated by cars of all types and purposes. As he grew older, however, he was struck by the inherent inefficiencies and dire environmental impacts of the internal combustion engine. Since this realization, Timothy has been highly interested in electric vehicles and other zero emission vehicle technology. Not only does Timothy wish to implement this technology in his own life, he wishes to increase the adaptation rates of zero emission vehicles for all people, for their benefit and for the good of our planet. When not working towards ZEV adaptation with the ENR center, Timothy enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and spending time with his family.

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