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Sarah Adams-Schoen

Assistant Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-0071

Angela Addae

Assistant Professor
IRES, Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-1507

Adell Amos

Clayton R. Hess Professor of Law
Phone: 541-346-3826
Office: 339 Knight Law Center

Howard Arnett

Professor of Practice
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-0187
Office: 409F Knight Law Center

Kristen Bell

Assistant Professor
Law, Philosophy Department
Phone: 541-346-0206
Office: 330D Knight Law School

Carl S. Bjerre

Wallace L. & Ellen A. Kaapcke Professor of Business Law
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3981
Office: 353 Knight Law Center

John Bonine

Professor of Law
Bernard B. Kliks Professor
Law, Law-JD, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 541-346-3827
Office: 320C Knight Law Center

Marcilynn A. Burke

Dean and Dave Frohnmayer Chair in Leadership and Law
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3836
Office: 105E Knight Law Center

Stuart Chinn

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Professor and James O. and Alfred T. Goodwin Senior Fellow
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-5797
Office: 330C Knight Law Center

Andrea Coles-Bjerre

Associate Professor, Faculty Director, Business Law Program
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3810
Office: 349 Knight Law Center

Greg Dotson

Associate Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-8909
Office: Knight Law School

Garrett Epps

Professor of Practice

Michael Fakhri

Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-8401
Office: 357 Knight Law

Elizabeth Frost

Associate Clinical Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-5135
Office: 330E Knight Law Center

Susan Gary

Professor Emerita
Phone: 541-346-3856
Office: 312 Knight Law Center

Ryan Gauthier

Visiting Associate Professor

Kristie Gibson

Supervising Attorney and Clinical Assistant Professor, Business Law Clinic
Phone: 541-346-1660
Office: Clinics

Erik Girvan

Associate Professor and CRES Faculty Director
Law, Law-JD, Law-CRES
Phone: 541-346-8934
Office: 347 Knight Law Center

Rebekah Hanley

Clinical Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-8340
Office: 409K Knight Law Center

Leslie Harris

Professor Emerita
Phone: 541-346-3840
Office: 356 Knight Law Center

Laurie Hauber

Director of Experiential Education

Robert Illig

Dean's Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-1723
Office: 320D Knight Law Center

John Inglish

Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Program Director
Law, Law-CRES
Phone: 541-346-3042
Office: 137C Knight Law Center

Andrew Jurs

Visiting Professor
Law, Law-JD

Tom Lininger

Orlando John and Marian H. Hollis Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3662
Office: 359 Knight Law Center

Mohsen Manesh

Professor, Faculty Director, Portland Program
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 503-412-3749
Office: 70 NW Couch St., Ste 242

Roberta Mann

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stewart Professor of Business Law
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3854
Office: 324 Knight Law Center

Megan McAlpin

Clinical Professor, Director of Academic Excellence
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3673
Office: 325 Knight Law Center

Michelle McKinley

Bernard B. Kliks Professor of Law
History, Latin American Studies, Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-5191
Office: 320B Knight Law Center

Kathryn Moakley

Domestic Violence Civil Clinic Supervisor
Phone: 541-346-9342
Office: Knight Law Center

Michael Moffitt

Philip H. Knight Chair, Professor
Clark Honors College, Law, Law-CRES
Phone: 541-346-0506
Office: 210 Chapman Hall, Clark Honors College

Tade Oyewunmi

Visiting Assistant Professor
Law, Law-JD

Eric Priest

Associate Professor and Faculty Director
Asian Studies, Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-0414
Office: 330B Knight Law Center

Ofer Raban

Professor, Elmer Sahlstrom Senior Faculty Fellow
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-1578
Office: 409E Knight Law Center

Jennifer Reynolds

Professor; Associate Dean of Faculty Research and Programs; Faculty Director, ADR Center
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3691
Office: 320A Knight Law Center

Katrina Robinson

Visiting Assistant Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3864
Office: 346 Knight Law Center

Joan Rocklin

Clinical Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3869
Office: 310 Knight Law Center

Suzanne Rowe

James L. and llene R. Hershner Professor, Director, Legal Research and Writing Program
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-0507
Office: 409H Knight Law Center

Michael H. Schill

President and Professor of Law
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3036

Nancy Shurtz

B.A. Kliks Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3841
Office: 306C Knight Law Center

Daniel Tichenor

Philip H. Knight Chair of Social Science
Director of the Program on Democratic Governance, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics
Law, Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4707
Office: 927 PLC

Elizabeth "Liz" Tippett

Associate Professor
Law, Law-JD, Law-CRES
Phone: 541-346-8938
Office: 351 Knight Law Center

Merle Weiner

Philip H. Knight Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3857
Office: 352 Knight Law Center

Mindy Wittkop

Director, Supervising Attorney, and Instructor, Business Law Clinic
Phone: 541-346-1693
Office: Clinics

Mary Wood

Philip H. Knight Professor, Faculty Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center
Food Studies, Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3842
Office: 306E Knight Law Center

E. R. Wright

Visiting Assistant Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3895
Office: 341 Knight Law Center