ENR Research

Research Areas

The ENR Center offers interdisciplinary projects in seven substantive areas:

  • Conservation Trust Project
  • Energy Law and Policy Project
  • Global Environmental Democracy Project
  • Food Resiliency Project
  • Native Environmental Sovereignty Project
  • Oceans, Coasts, and Watersheds Project
  • Sustainable Land Use Project

Student fellows work with faculty members to solve critical environmental problems.

Interdisciplinary Research Projects

The ENR Center has developed seven theme-based projects that draw upon existing faculty strengths and provide collaborative opportunities for promoting student experience, providing service to the community, and bringing intellectual energy to bear on some of the most challenging and cutting-edge environmental issues of our day.

ENR Interdisciplinary Projects

Focuses on public trust theory and private property tools to achieve landscape conservation.

Faculty leaders: Profs. Adell Amos, Susan Gary, and Mary Wood.
Explores innovative law and policy that promote a green energy future.

Faculty leaders: Profs. Greg Dotson and Roberta Mann.
Probes key law and policy issues to ensure resilient, sustainable food systems.

Faculty leaders: Profs. Michael Fakhri and Mary Wood.
Prepares students to be advocates for global change.

Faculty: Profs. John Bonine, Tom Lininger, and Mary Wood.
Examines emerging tribal roles in co-managing lands and resources.

Faculty: Profs.​​​​​​ Howard Arnett and Mary Wood.
Engages the law to promote sustainability for ocean, coastal, and freshwater resources.

Faculty: Profs. Sarah Adams-Schoen, Adell Amos, and Richard Hildreth.
Evaluates land use laws, theories, and practices to ensure sustainable development in our communities.

Faculty: Profs. Sarah Adams-Schoen and Mary Wood.

ENR Center Summer Research Program

The Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) Law Center is pleased to announce a Summer Research Program for 2020. Through outside foundation, grant, and donor support the ENR Center will offer up to 16 summer positions that will receive a summer stipend of up to $3,000 for full-time positions (approximately 40 hours/week) or up to $1,500 for half-time positions (approximately 20 hours/week). ENR Summer Research Assistants will work with ENR faculty to carry out independent research as part of one or more of the flagship ENR interdisciplinary projects: The Conservation Trust Project; The Energy Law and Policy Project; The Food Resiliency Project; The Global Environmental Democracy Project; The Native Environmental Sovereignty Project; The Oceans, Coasts, and Watersheds Project; and The Sustainable Land Use Project. 

This position will provide research, analysis, and solutions to environmental problems in Oregon and create deliverables projected to result in transformational change to further the ENR Center's mission of engaging the law to support sustainability on earth. 

We will begin accepting applications on Monday, May, 11, 2020. To apply for an ENR Summer Research Position, submit an application to enr@uoregon.edu by Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 5:00pm that contains the following: a cover letter which describes interest and experiences within the ENR program, and a résumé. Offers will be extended by May 25, 2020 and work will start in early June. All work will be completed remotely. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please let us know.