Concurrent Degree Programs

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Concurrent Degree Programs

A concurrent degree can offer you knowledge and skills that broaden career opportunities.

While pursuing your JD, you can enroll in a master's program, finishing with two degrees in four years instead of five. While pursuing your Conflict & Dispute Resolution Master’s, you can study with a participating graduate program and complete two master’s degrees in three years.

With our concurrent degrees, we help you do more with your time here.

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Concurrent Degrees

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JD Concurrent Degrees

Broaden your marketability and practice by completing one of the following concurrent degrees:

  • JD/MBA in Business
  • JD/MCRP in Community and Regional Planning
  • JD/MA or JD/MS in Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  • JD/MA or MS in Environmental Studies
  • JD/MA in International Studies
  • JD/MA or MS in Media Studies
  • JD/MNM in Nonprofit Management
  • JD/MPA in Public Administration
  • JD/MS in Water Resources Policy and Management

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CRES Concurrent Degrees

We’ve partnered with programs across campus to offer several concurrent degrees.

We have concurrent degree offerings with the following graduate programs:

  • Environmental Studies
  • International Studies
  • Law
  • Business Administration
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Community & Regional Planning
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Administration
  • Various PhD Programs (examples include education and psychology)

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Sabrina Kaufelt, JD/CRES '22 in Oxford UK

"I think the diversity of thought and practice between the CRES and JD students is the best part of being a concurrent degree student. The viewpoints that you gain from each program are valuable on their own, but I think they work best intertwined. Additionally, pursuing both programs has allowed me to connect not just with law professors, but also psychology professors, philosophy professors, ethnic studies professors, and more."

– Sabrina Kaufelt
   JD/CRES '22

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