Dean Marcilynn A. Burke

Name Title Email telephone
Marcilynn A. Burke Dean and Dave Frohnmayer Chair in Leadership and Law lawdean@uoregon.edu 541-346-3836

Dean's Leadership Team

Name Title Email telephone
Jennifer Reynolds Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Director, Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Center
jwr@uoregon.edu 541-346-5797
Jennifer Espinola Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Law School Dean of Students
Director, Frohnmayer Leadership Program
espinola@uoregon.edu 541-346-1557
Erik Girvan Associate Dean of Faculty Research and Programs 
Executive Director, Law & Conflict Studies
girvan@uoregon.edu 541-346-3691
Sara Ellis Director of Communications sjellis@uoregon.edu 541-346-1046
Ray Sykes Associate Dean of Finance and Operations rgsykes@uoregon.edu 541-346-3643

Dean's Advisory Council

See Members

Administrative Management

Name Title Email telephone
Heather Brinton Executive Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program
Pro Tem Instructor
hbrinton@uoregon.edu  541-346-3741
Mohamed Elian LL.M. Program Director mmelian@uoregon.edu  541-346-9129
Rebecca Dinwoodie Co-Director, Wayne Morse Center rcd@uoregon.edu  541-346-3700
Jennifer Geller Managing Director, Public Law and Policy jgeller@uoregon.edu  541-346-8946
Taryn Ferrando Academic Affairs Manager tarynf@uoregon.edu 541-346-3963
Barbi Goosens Academic Programs and Services Manager barbi@uoregon.edu 541-346-3885
Della Green Director, Finance and Accounting dellag@uoregon.edu 541-346-0043
Ellen Herman Co-Director, Wayne Morse Center
Professor of History
eherman@uoregon.edu 541-346-3699
Ginamarie Jones User Support Services Manager gmjones@uoregon.edu 541-346-3877
Sarah Keiski Assistant Dean for Student Affairs skeiski@uoregon.edu 541-346-3896
Dave Kennedy Facility Services Manager dkenned2@uoregon.edu 541-346-0040
Lillian Lorenzen Executive Assistant to the Dean lawdean@uoregon.edu 541-346-1561
Tonya Perkins Human Resources Manager tperkin4@uoregon.edu 541-346-3907
Elaine Seyman Law School Registrar elaines@uoregon.edu 541-346-1560
Patrick Sponsler Administrator, Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution sponsler@uoregon.edu 541-346-1623
Emily Wanner Managing Director, Portland Program ejohnso5@uoregon.edu  503-412-0468
Sandy Weintraub Director, Oregon Law Commission sandymw@uoregon.edu 541-346-0042

Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee

The Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee comprises three faculty members who assist the Dean in making a broad array of administrative decisions.

The DFAC was restructured in 2017 to allow for more nimble and time-sensitive decision-making and to streamline faculty governance by addressing some issues outside the confines of faculty meetings.

Members of DFAC consult with other faculty members as appropriate, ensuring that those individuals with the greatest expertise and interest on specific policy questions share their insights as DFAC advises the Dean.

DFAC members serve three-year terms that are staggered to allow for a blend of continuity and change between academic years.

2023-24 Committee Members

Name Title email telephone
Angela Addae

Assistant Professor

aaddae@uoregon.edu 541-346-1507
Megan McAlpin

Assistant Clinical Professor

mmcalpin@uoregon.edu 541-346-3673
Liz Tippett


tippett@uoregon.edu 541-346-8938

Dean’s Student Advisory Committee

The Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) meets with the Dean of the School of Law once a month. Student Bar Association representatives from all classes and programs to discuss issues impacting students and student concerns.

The Dean also talks with them about matters she is aware will impact students, including if we are hiring faculty, tuition increases, building accessibility, class size, the school’s bar program.

The students can also serve as a sounding board if she is considering an issue that will impact students.