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1st Generation College Graduates

We help First Generation College Graduates find successful careers as attorneys in private practices and judicial clerkships. Only 22% of law school students are first-gen students. However, this group of students is often overlooked in law school. Statistically, first-gen law students lack the connections and resources to achieve higher socio-economic legal careers like Big Law positions and federal clerkships. The mission of the FGCG club is to help bridge this gap for first-gen law students at UO Law. 

Contact: Dylan Lowe at

Affinity Organization Coalition

The purpose of the Affinity Organization Coalition is strategic advocacy on behalf of the University of Oregon School of Law’s minority community. The Coalition also exists to provide a forum for dialogue and action on topics and issues that impact the School’s minority community. In support of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan (DAP), the Coalition exists to provide the School Administrators with information and advice regarding issues that impact minority faculty, staff and employees.

Contacts: Aimee Morales at and Pavan Tolani at

American Constitution Society (ACS)

The American Constitution Society (ACS) believes that law should be a force to improve the lives of all people. By bringing together powerful, relevant ideas and passionate, talented people, ACS makes a difference in the constitutional, legal, and public policy debates that shape our democracy.

Contact: Elise Josephson at

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association is an affinity group that provides a voice for the Asian minority groups in UO's law school. We are dedicated to helping students navigate the legal world and engaging in diverse conversations in support of more Asian lawyers around the pacific northwest.

Contact: Andrea Chia at; Matthew Lee at

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

UO BLSA is dedicated to educating, supporting, and promoting Black law students and communities of color. We are an affiliate chapter of the National Black Law Students Association.

Contact: Claire Malone at

Child and Family Law Association (CFLA)

The Child & Family Law Association (CLFA) serves to raise greater awareness around the breadth of issues faced by children, teens, parents, families, and partners. CFLA hosts panel discussions, professional networking opportunities, and social events within the community for Oregon Law students to learn more about Child and Family Law. This area of law stretches beyond juvenile defense, divorce proceedings, adoption, and child custody laws to also include students pursuing a career as a professor, mediator, judge, or non-profit director.

Contact: Jessa Greene at

Criminal Defense Association

The Criminal Defense Association seeks to provide students with a wide range of practical opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to criminal law practice. As a student chapter of OCDLA, our primary focus is to build connections between UO academic programs, local courts, public defender organizations and private practitioners.

Contact: Baylee Logan at

Disc-trict Court

Disc-trict Court is an intramural ultimate frisbee team made up of law students. As the sole semestered program at UO, this team allows law students to participate in weekly ultimate frisbee outside the limitations of the Rec Center's quarter system programming. Disc-trict Court provides students with a much-needed weekly study break, in a fun environment that celebrates the spirit of the game. Our mission is to foster community between law classmates through sport.

Contact: Maryn Sommerfeldt at or Coral Muessig at

Estate Planning and Probate Law Forum (EPPLF)

The goal of Estate Planning and Probate Law Forum (EPPLF) is to provide an opportunity for students who are interested in estate planning and probate to learn about practicing in the area and make connections. The primary purpose of EPPLF is to invite a series of estate planning and probate attorneys to speak at seminars and attend events with students.Contact:

Contact: Kendra Kolbet at

Federalist Society (FedSoc)

The Federalist Society is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be.Contact:

Contact: Jacob Barham at

Green Business Initiative (GBI)

The Green Business Initiative (GBI) is comprised of graduate students from the University of Oregon School of Law and the Lundquist College of Business. GBI members are interested in how law, policy, and business interact to help solve pressing environmental issues. GBI's mission is to promote awareness of sustainable business practices and the legal framework that supports green business. GBI facilitates discourse on these issues with regular speaking events and its annual Green Business Symposium.

Contact: Keiran Hadley at; Dustin Messner at

J. Reuben Clark Society

The J. Reuben Clark Society's purpose is to provide a base for Latter-day Saint students to connect to each other, their peers in law school, Latter-day Saint Attorneys, and the Eugene community. We seek to conduct service projects and socials.

Contact: Trevor Fowler at

Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA)

The Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) at the University of Oregon School of Law seeks to provide a relaxed and welcoming community for Jewish law students, and any student who wishes to learn more about and participate in different facets of Jewish culture. Membership is casual, and the group is open to University of Oregon students in the law, LLM, and CRES programs. We plan to invite students to join us for different events like lunchtime meetings, Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations and educational programs. Through these events, we aim to foster an atmosphere of learning, promote inclusion, and engage in meaningful dialogue about Judaism and Jewish culture.

Contact: Sophie Olson at

Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (JELL)

JELL publishes cutting-edge and groundbreaking scholarship on contemporary topics, including renewable energy, environmental justice, and international environmental law.

Contact: Lucas Chapman at

Labor/Employment Relations Association, UO Chapter (LERA)

The mission of UO LERA is to foster communication and innovation among workers, management, and neutrals; educate and train the local community about labor and employment practices and rights; and affirm fundamental worker and human rights in the workplace. LERA encourages research in all aspects of the fields of labor, employment, and the workplace. We help graduate students build professional relationships now to help them succeed in their careers.

Contacts: Alex Owens at; Sam Bartoo at; Liam Shaughnessy at

Land Air Water (LAW)

Land Air Water (LAW) is the nation’s oldest and largest student environmental law society. LAW’s first and foremost activity is organizing the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC). Every year, more than 3,000 activists, attorneys, students, scientists, policymakers, and concerned citizens come from around the world to collaborate on a variety of environmental issues. This year, in addition to planning PIELC, Land Air Water hopes to be on the front lines of environmental action in Eugene.

Contact: Jessie Gardner at

Latino/a Law Student Association (LLSA)

Our goal is to build community and increase diversity in the legal field while raising awareness of Latino/a culture on campus and legal issues facing Latino/as. We strive to provide a forum for students belonging to and interested in Latino/a culture to grow together to make change.

Contact: Amy Huynh at

Law Basketball Association (LBA)

The Law Basketball Association (LBA) is a co-ed basketball league made up of both law and graduate students. It is a great opportunity to get to know your classmates and take your mind off school with some exercise.Contact:

Contact: Brendon Kirkland at

Law and Entrepreneurship Student Association (LESA)

LESA's purpose is to provide a forum for discussing business and entrepreneurship while supporting students as they pursue a career in business law. The primary goals for 2023-2024 are to expand the club's membership, maintain relations with clubs within and outside the law school, and provide students with greater access to legal professionals within the business and transactional sphere.

Contact: Sebastian Hammond at

Law of Intellectual Property (LIP)

We seek to bring together students interested in the field, spread information about the field to incoming students, and promote student, faculty, and alumni connections in the field. We hope to attract faculty and students interested in the field of intellectual property and make a name for the University of Oregon School of Law in the field. By doing this, our goal is to make it easier for students find jobs in the field following graduation.

Contact: Isaiah Watson at

Moot Court Board

The mission of the University of Oregon Moot Court Board is to: (1) provide students with academically challenging and diverse opportunities to develop oral and written advocacy skills, which are essential components of the practice of law; (2) provide the School of Law with a viable, competitive Moot Court program that will enhance student professional development and produce competent representation in competitions with other law schools; (3) provide the practicing bar with an opportunity to help shape the development of future attorneys; and (4) provide board members with an opportunity to develop practical legal skills, including research, writing, and oral advocacy through problem development, competition coordination, and supplemental education.


National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

National Lawyers Guild, started in 1937, is a national organization with local chapters all over the country. NLG works to use law for the people, uniting lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people by valuing human rights over property interests. Events this year will include progressive focused educational events and connecting with local NLG attorneys in the area.Contact:

Contact: Sarah Takessian at

Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

The Native American Law Students Association is an inclusive affinity group which aims to uplift indigenous law students and the study of Indian law as a whole. Our organization is focused on community-building, both within the law school and beyond. Each year, we offer a robust moot court opportunity through the National NALSA chapter and take students to the Federal Indian Law Conference. Whether you are affiliated with a tribe, discovering yourself, interested in Indian law, or simply looking for friendship, NALSA is the place for you.

Contact: Jonathan Tasa at; Elise St. Louis at

Oregon Law and Technology Society (OLTS)

The Oregon Law Technology Society (OLTS) at the University of Oregon aims to provide a community for law students to gain insight and knowledge about the latest developments and trends in technology law. The club will allow students to engage in discussions, attend guest speaker events, and gain a deeper understanding of technology law and its impact on society. The field of technology law is rapidly growing and evolving, covering issues such as privacy, data protection, intellectual property, and cybersecurity. The Oregon Law Technology Club welcomes law students interested in learning and discussing technology law, regardless of prior experience.

Contact: Aazaad Burn at

Oregon Law Review (OLR)

Oregon Law Review was founded in 1921 by the faculty at the University of Oregon School of Law. It is the oldest continuously published law journal in the Pacific Northwest and has been run by students since 1967.Contributors to the Review have included scholars, practitioners, judges, and even Justices of the US Supreme Court. With each issue we publish, the Oregon Law Review staff seeks to advance legal scholarship with innovative, top-quality articles. We are committed to improving the diversity of the articles we publish and of the members we select to join the Oregon Law Review staff.

Contact: Kasey Hooker at

Oregon Law Students Aligned Against Ableism (OLSAAA)

OLSAAA is a welcoming and supportive space for law students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other health issues. We want to help students with disabilities navigate the challenges of law school, as well as the transition from law school to working in the legal field. We welcome allies to come offer support and learn about the unique challenges students with disabilities face. We want to give all students the information and tools they need to advocate for increased accessibility and to fight against ableism in all its forms.

Contact: Aidan O’Brien at or Misty Nichols at

Oregon Law Students’ Public Interest Fund (OLSPIF)

Oregon Law Students Public Service Fund (OLSPIF) supports access to justice and our future public service leaders. OLSPIF-funded stipends for living expenses allow law students to work in unpaid summer public interest positions at legal nonprofits that serve underrepresented people and causes.

Contact: Jasmine Aguilar at

Oregon Review of International Law (ORIL)

The purpose of ORIL is to publish a high-quality law journal in a timely fashion. ORIL’s purpose is to contribute to contemporary legal scholarship. We intend to publish articles addressing current international and comparative law issues.Our goals for the 2023-2024 fiscal year are to find quality authors and engaging articles to publish in our journal that will represent our institution well. We also plan to publish our journal in a timely fashion so that it represents the University of Oregon and the School of Law in the best light. Last, we plan to continue to develop our recognition and reputation as a legal journal by maintaining the utmost quality and interesting articles.

Contact: Sean Downing at


OUTLaws works to promote LGBTQIA+ involvement in the legal profession and foster a positive environment for LGBTQIA+ law students at the University of Oregon School of Law. We provide educational, networking, and community engagement opportunities for LGBTQIA+ law students and their allies. We are an educational, political, and social alliance working toward fostering and maintaining an environment that is supportive, positive, and safe for individuals of sexuality and gender diversity. In striving for a greater understanding of LGBTQIA+ interests at Oregon Law and beyond, we aim to address the complex legal issues associated with sexuality and gender diversity, providing resources and support for social activism.

Contact: Megan Sawyer at

Student Advocacy and Action for Environmental Justice (SAAEJ)

Student Advocacy and Action for Environmental Justice (SAAEJ) seeks to pursue goals of equity and justice as they intersect with environmentalism. To do so, SAAEJ works to 1) foster dialogue at UO Law about environmental justice issues and strategies through seminars and speaker events and 2) engage in environmental justice activities and community-based projects.

Contact: Lauren Dorsey at or Victoria Whalen at

Sports and Entertainment Law Forum (SELF)

The Sports and Entertainment Law Forum (SELF) is a group for Oregon law students interested in getting involved in the world of sports and entertainment. Actively learning about a complex assortment of fields and specialties including but not limited to, negotiation, arbitration, mediation, contracts, intellectual property, antitrust, labor law, torts, and tax. The goal of SELF is to expand students understanding of the issues and dynamics involved with sports and entertainment law through guest speakers, sports and entertainment law forums and discussions, and organizing the largest sports and entertainment law conference in the Northwest.

Contact: Josephine Nordhoff-Beard at

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)

SALDF provides a forum for education, advocacy, scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. The UO chapter of SALDF was established in 2006. Over the past decade, SALDF has donated thousands of dollars through fundraising to local nonprofits focused on animal welfare. Our members have the opportunity to perform volunteer work, attend animal law conferences and networking events, and put on fun events that help connect law students with animals. We welcome everyone interested in legal advocacy for animals—from companion animals to wild and marine life.

Contact: Grace Hedstrom at

Student Bar Association (SBA)

SBA is the law student government: elected representatives from each class serve as a resource and liaison in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and student services. Every student at the law school is automatically a member of SBA, this includes all JD students, LL.M students, and CRES students.


Women’s Law Forum (WLF)

The Women's Law Forum is one of the oldest and largest law student organizations at the University of Oregon School of Law. The purpose of the Women's Law Forum is to provide just that: a forum for women in the law school. Through programming and fellowship, we are committed to supporting women and other historically minoritized members of our law student community. WLF is dedicated to actively promoting equality and the fair treatment of women in the legal profession and in society as a whole.

Contact: Claire Hunsaker at