Wayne Morse Law Fellows Program

The UO’s Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics offers paid full-time, 10-week summer fellowships for Oregon Law 1Ls and 2Ls who have demonstrated a commitment to serve the public interest. The summer positions involve legal and/or policy work in the Washington, DC, offices of Oregon members of Congress or in government agencies or nonprofit organizations in DC and Oregon.

The summer jobs have different fellowship titles, deadlines, pay scales and locations, but each student that secures one of the summer fellowships is considered a Wayne Morse Law Fellow and will be a part of the Wayne Morse Law Fellow program.

During the academic year after their summer fellowships, Law Fellows will participate in the life of the Wayne Morse Center. This includes public lectures with prominent scholars, thought leaders, activists, and policy makers and opportunities to participate in special lunches, field trips, service opportunities and trainings along with other Wayne Morse Center law students, undergraduates, and grad students. Law Fellows also have access to one-on-one mentoring.

For more details on the program, fellowships, and application deadlines, please go to the Wayne Morse Center's website