Life at Law School

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Life at Law School

Learn. Connect. Grow. Drive Change.

Oregon Law is more than just a school. When you become a law duck, you have a positive community of students, faculty, staff members, and alumni ready to help you reach personal and professional success – however you define it.

We are proud of our reputation for collegiality among students. We are committed to creating a place where you can develop leadership skills, engage in friendly competition, and have frequent interactions with faculty.

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What Our Students and Alumni Say

We believe that as a law student at Oregon, you not only find your legal voice – but you will also change and grow in unexpected ways. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our current students and alumni say about their personal Oregon Law journey.

Casey Daggett, JD '19

Ashton Burrows, JD '21

Jazmyn Ortiz, JD '21

Practical Experience

Discover your options and opportunities by taking the theoretical – and making them practical. Through hands-on experience, you’ll advocate for others, solve problems, do meaningful work, and drive change in the larger community.

Practical Experience Opportunities

Student Organizations and Journals

As a student, we encourage you to immerse yourself in our wide range of programs and student organizations. With 30+ student groups, there are many options for enhancing your personal and professional development.

Corina Ubario

“Oregon Law Review (OLR) helped me become a better writer, better at time management and helped me meet people outside of my graduation class. OLR was also a great conversation starter during interviews because often times the interviewer was also on their school's Law Review.”

—Corina Ubario, JD ’17
Immigration Attorney
Marandas Sinlapasai, P.C.

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Frohnmayer Leadership Program

“This program has been phenomenal! The organizers and staff provide large events, such as TedX, and small lunchtime seminars to instill, and perhaps uncover, the leadership capabilities each student has. Besides the delicious lunches, I have also enjoyed being connected to legal mentors in the community, such as meeting Judge Kasubhai.

—Kourtney Brown, JD '21
Oregon Law Student Ambassador

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Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment at Oregon Law. We understand that diversity and inclusion encompasses the intersectionality of the human experience and includes qualities such as race, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, first generation status, economic status, and veteran status.

You’ll find staff and resources available both within the school and broader UO community designed to support your well-being, academics, social life, and professional success

Diversity and Inclusion at Oregon Law

Amber Lesher

“I've had almost unlimited opportunities to lead at Oregon Law. There is great support for students who actively seek leadership roles. And some of my favorite experiences were outside of having an official title. For example, I had the opportunity to become Queer Ally trained and Dreamer Ally trained, and I appreciate that the University provides education and a chance to be on ally-leader on campus and within our community."

—Shane Lesher, JD/CRES ’21
25 Duck Award Recipient, CRES representative for Women's Law Forum, Empirical Studies Fellow, Oregon Law Ambassador, OUTLaws’ OGALLA Representative, Oregon Child Advocacy Project Fellow, Oregon Law Frohnmayer Leadership Program, Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, Editor-in-Chief


Weston Koyama
Minoru Yasui Fellowship

As the first-ever Minoru Yasui Fellow, Weston Koyama (JD ‘19/Order of the Coif) spent his time at Oregon Law focused on using the law to overcome oppression specifically related to race and ethnicity.

 “I want future generations to know that no matter where you’re from or who you are, your destiny is up to you. That in a truly free society, we are in a place to fight whatever oppression may exist out there and reclaim our destiny for ourselves.”

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Jeffrey Beaver
Photo Credit: Miller Nash Graham & Dunn “I’ve always tried to look for something greater than myself to be a part of, and the law has helped me do that.” -Jeffrey Beaver, JD '85
William K. Knight Law Center
In an ongoing effort to address structural inequalities and counteract institutionalized racism, several faculty at Oregon Law have been researching in the area of “access to justice.” During the 2019-20 academic year alone, law faculty published seven articles on topics related to access to justice, with at least eight more forthcoming in 2020-21.
Susan Gary
Susan Gary, professor emerita at the law school, recently created and helped obtain a grant that supports an estate planning program for the African American community in Portland. Through the nonprofit The Commons Law Center, the program will also serve as a pipeline to increase the number of African American estate planning lawyers in Oregon. 

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Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics

The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics encourages civic engagement and inspires enlightened dialogue by bringing students, scholars, activists, policymakers, and communities together to discuss issues affecting Oregon, our nation, and the world.

The Wayne Morse Law Fellows group photo

The Wayne Morse Law Fellows program is an opportunity for Oregon Law students with a demonstrated interest in public policy to undertake paid, full-time, 10-week summer fellowships doing legal work in the offices of Oregon’s elected officials or in government agencies or nonprofit organizations.

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The Student Affairs Office staff are here to support your personal and professional goals. They are available for consultation and coaching on all matters related to the student experience. Have a question or want advice? Visit Suite 200 of the law school and the team will be glad to help.

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