2021 Annual Minoru Yasui Legacy Presentation

2021 Annual Minoru Yasui Legacy Presentation; Minoru Yasui and Our Call to Honor His Civil Rights Legacy

Panel Discussion:
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Associated Event: Screening of Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Knight Law Center, room 184.

Headlines report of bias against immigrants, anti-Asian discrimination, and the prominence of white nationalism. The panel discussion dives into these topics. It features comments by producer and documentarian Holly Yasui; author Lauren Kessler, an award-winning author whose book was named Library Journal’s Best Book of the Year; and attorney Bill Waterman, a faculty member who teaches at John F. Kennedy School of Law at North Central University. The panel was moderated by the 2021 Minoru Yasui Fellow, Anna Reutin.


Holly Yasui

Holly Yasui: Min and True Yasui’s youngest daughter. She studied film at the University of Southern California and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since retiring from a grass-roots community development center in 2013, she has devoted full-time to the Minoru Yasui legacy project. She is the producer and co-director of the documentary Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice.

Lauren Kessler

Lauren Kessler: An award-winning author who is known her lively narrative and deep research. Her 10 books of narrative nonfiction include Stubborn Twig, which chronicles the story of three generations of the Yasui family immigration story, including their internment during World War II.

Bill Waterman

William (Bill) Waterman: Bill Waterman graduated from University of Oregon with a BS in 1977 and JD in 1982. After a career in private practice, Bill now teaches at the John F. Kennedy School of Law at North Central University, National University System. In 2012, Bill and Marie Waterman established the Minoru Yasui Student Fellowship with a generous donation to the University of Oregon School of Law.

Anna Reutin

Moderated by: Anna Reutin, 2021-22 Minoru Yasui Fellow