Business Law Faculty

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Carl S. Bjerre

Wallace L. & Ellen A. Kaapcke Professor of Business Law
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3981
Office: 353 Knight Law Center

Andrea Coles-Bjerre

Associate Professor, Faculty Director, Business Law Program
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3810
Office: 349 Knight Law Center

Michael Fakhri

Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-8401
Office: 357 Knight Law

Elizabeth Frost

Associate Clinical Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-5135
Office: 330E Knight Law Center

Susan Gary

Professor Emerita
Phone: 541-346-3856
Office: 312 Knight Law Center

Kristie Gibson

Supervising Attorney and Clinical Assistant Professor, Business Law Clinic
Phone: 541-346-1660
Office: Clinics

Robert Illig

Dean's Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-1723
Office: 320D Knight Law Center

Mohsen Manesh

Professor, Faculty Director, Portland Program
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 503-412-3749
Office: 70 NW Couch St., Ste 242

Roberta Mann

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stewart Professor of Business Law
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3854
Office: 324 Knight Law Center

Eric Priest

Associate Professor and Faculty Director
Asian Studies, Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-0414
Office: 330B Knight Law Center

Jennifer Reynolds

Professor; Associate Dean of Faculty Research and Programs; Faculty Director, ADR Center
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3691
Office: 320A Knight Law Center

Nancy Shurtz

B.A. Kliks Professor
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3841
Office: 306C Knight Law Center

Elizabeth "Liz" Tippett

Associate Professor
Law, Law-JD, Law-CRES
Phone: 541-346-8938
Office: 351 Knight Law Center