Certificate of Completion

Leadership in Practice Certificate of Completion

Earning the certificate of completion (non-transcripted and co-curricular) requires a set number of hours of leadership development training.  You can follow your own path through the program and participate at your own pace.  Each participant can choose from the qualifying experiences offered, or endorsed, by the law school to achieve the required hours.

  • JD students are required to complete 21 hours of approved leadership training in the program. An exception is made for the Class of 2019, who are required to complete 14 hours of training.
  • Master's students in the Conflict and Dispute Resolution program are required to complete 14 hours of training.
  • LL.M. students are required to complete 7 hours of training.
  • All students pursuing the certificate of completion must also read one book from the approved leadership development reading list and provide a 1-2 page summary.  Each student enrolled in the certificate of completion program will be assigned a Leadership Coach and will be expected to have two separate coaching sessions either in person or via phone/web-conference to discuss topics related to leadership in practice.  Leadership Coaches are selected professionals known for their leadership successes. As a participant, these coaching sessions will grant you valuable insight into leadership in practice.

Program Highlights

Any student may request to participate in one of the programs, whether pursuing the certificate of completion or not.  However, students registered for the certificate of completion may be given the first opportunity to sign up for events with limited capacity.

  • Leadership Practices for Professional Success course - the only credit-bearing experience in the program
  • Dave Frohnmayer Leadership Lecture
  • "Leader Ledger" Monthly Newsletter
  • Strengths training
  • Lunchtime Leadership Series
  • Read to Lead with Alumni, Faculty, and Administrators
  • Leadership Development Retreat
  • Leadership Coaching
  • TEDxUOregon

The curriculum for these programs covers such topics as:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Project management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management and organization
  • Ethics and leading with integrity
  • Leading through change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Multicultural mastery
  • Professionalism and business etiquette
  • Resilience and adaptability