Business Law Program Practical Experience

Clinical faculty engaging with business clinic law students

At Oregon Law, we believe an exceptional legal education transcends textbooks. That’s why we offer students unparalleled opportunities to bridge theory with practice.

In our clinics and field placements, classroom concepts flourish into real-world skills and strategies as students engage with actual clients, tackle genuine legal challenges, and navigate the intricacies of business law firsthand.


Work with real people in real situations.

Business Law Clinic

Housed at the law school, the Business Law Clinic provides students with opportunities to assist in representing business clients in a simulated law firm environment. Through intensive training under direct supervision by clinic attorneys, the clinic teaches students the skills necessary to practice transactional law.

In the course of a semester, each clinic student assists in representing one or more business clients. Clinic students are responsible for all aspects of the representation from the initial meeting with the client to the final meeting in which the students present and explain the legal work performed. Types of legal work performed at the clinic include forming business entities, reviewing and drafting contracts for the sale of services or products, and advising on laws affecting various types of businesses.

For questions, contact Mindy Wittkop.

Nonprofit Clinics

At Oregon Law, students have the opportunity to serve the nonprofit community in two clinical settings: a nonprofit community legal clinic and a nonprofit governance clinic. 

In the legal clinic, law students work in teams under attorney supervision to provide assistance on transactional matters, including reviewing and revising governance documents, internal policies, and contracts for goods or services, and lease agreements. 

In the governance-focused clinic, students from the School of Law, the School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management, the Lundquist College of Business, and the Conflict and Dispute Resolution Program work in highly-supported interdisciplinary teams to conduct governance assessments of several nonprofit organizations, draft assessment reports, and present their findings and recommendations to their organizational clients.

By addressing real-world needs of participating nonprofit organizations, the students’ work reaches communities that depend on nonprofits for a broad array of critical services and cultural enhancements.

For questions, contact Roy Catalani.

Field Placements

Field placements offer students opportunities to pursue unique and specialized practical experiences in legal service organizations. They are an essential part of your Oregon Law education—where you'll get real-world experience and practical skills useful for your career.

The Business Law Program coordinates exciting, career-defining field placement opportunities in diverse practice areas and settings, including firms, businesses, organizations, and courts. To learn more about field placement opportunities, reach out to the Center for Career Planning and Professional Development.