Legal Research & Writing Academics

Oregon Law’s Legal Research and Writing courses teach you to:

  • research legal sources,
  • analyze the law,
  • apply the law to a client’s facts,
  • organize a legal argument, and
  • communicate that argument in writing.

Legal Research and Writing Course Overview

Because legal analysis is challenging, writing about it can be difficult. At Oregon Law, you develop the skills you need to hit the ground running in any legal job.

Fall Semester: Objective Writing​​​​

Spring Semester: Persuasive Writing

In this first-year course, you learn how to advise hypothetical clients on arranging their legal affairs, or predict how a judge would decide a case if it were litigated.

You also learn the fundamentals of legal research through class instruction and hands-on workshops in the library’s new interactive classroom.

These workshops are often related to the topics of writing assignments, strengthening your analytical skills as you learn vital research techniques.

You will write a brief for a trial or appellate court and present an oral argument before a panel of volunteer judges and attorneys. The term concludes with practical research exercises similar to those you may encounter in your summer work.

Throughout the year, Professor Elizabeth Ruiz Frost regularly hosts “Just Write” sessions – three-hour, distraction-free blocks of time reserved for students to just write.

Each spring, you have the opportunity to hear some of the state’s best advocates argue actual cases before the the Oregon Supreme Court. Following the arguments, the justices answer students' questions.

Summer LRW Courses

Beginning in summer 2020, Professor Suzanne Rowe will be teaching a new legal research and writing course: Writing in Law Practice. 

Writing in Law Practice provides students with professional experiences writing documents produced by a variety of law offices (e.g., letters, office memo, litigation pleadings, transactional drafting, legislation).  Along with writing, you will learn to collaborate with colleagues and supervisors, provide feedback on professional documents, and interview clients. Guests will include attorneys and judges from around Oregon.