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The nationally recognized Legal Research and Writing (LRW) program challenges students to become impactful attorneys and leaders who drive positive change.

Through its innovative programming and a commitment to teaching excellence, LRW is the #1 Legal Writing Program in the country (according to US News & World Report).

Support the Galen Endowment for the Advancement of Legal Writing

The Galen Endowment’s purpose is to enhance writing education for Oregon Law students. Through the Galen Fund, we have provided additional writing courses, increased the emphasis on writing in doctrinal law courses, supported student writing on our law journals, and created awards to celebrate outstanding student writing.

Many of these achievements have come through the work of the annual Galen Scholar in Legal Writing.

Another major innovation, the Galen Distinguished Guest in Legal Writing, brings distinguished professors and practitioners to Oregon Law each year to work with students, faculty, and other groups on enhancing student writing.

Your support enables us to continue providing exceptional and innovative legal writing programming at Oregon Law and helps develop the next generation of effective advocates.

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