Environmental & Natural Resources Law Concentration

Those who are interested in environmental and natural resources law and policy are passionate about conservation, climate change, and sustainability on earth. The concentration in Environmental Law guides you through a customizable and innovative course-load to prepare for a career in environmental law and policy. A statement of completion in environmental law will lay a foundation and help distinguish you with employers as you proceed throughout your career.


The offering of any of the courses below will depend on teacher availability and reasonable enrollment demand. The School of Law does not guarantee a student will be able to satisfy the requirements necessary for obtaining this concentration. Substitutions may be allowed under certain circumstances. Only one semester of a course may be used to satisfy the course requirements of the concentration.

Group A courses:

  • LAW 664 Administrative Law
  • LAW 793 Environmental Law


Group B courses: Must satisfactorily complete 5 courses from the following list.

  • LAW 771 Advanced Environmental Law Clinic
  • LAW 678 Indian Law
  • LAW 653 Climate Change Law & Policy
  • LAW 610 Disaster Law
  • LAW 796 Food, Farming, and Sustainability
  • LAW 610 Energy & Law
  • ​​​​​​LAW 714 Environment & Natural Resources Externship
  • CRES 660 Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • LAW 610 Environmental Justice
  • LAW 770 Environmental Law Clinic
  • LAW 610 Environmental Law & Policy Practicum
  • LAW 691 Environmental Litigation & Practice
  • LAW 707 Environmental Moot Court
  • LAW 693 Human Rights and the Environment
  • ​​​​​​LAW 675 Independent Research/Writing (ENR topic)
  • LAW 690 International Environmental Law
  • LAW 761 Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation
  • LAW 668 Land Use Law
  • LAW 658 Local Government Law
  • LAW 794 Natural Resources Law
  • LAW 628 Nonprofit Organizations
  • LAW 679 Ocean & Coastal Law
  • LAW 795 Public Trust Law
  • LAW 790 Tribal Courts & Tribal Law
  • LAW 669 Water Resources Law
  • LAW 687 Wildlife Law

In addition to completing the curriculum referenced above, you must write a high quality, professional academic research paper on a topic related to environmental or natural resources law. You must receive advance approval of your topic.