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Dick Hildreth

Professor Emeritus
Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-3866
Office: 358 Knight Law Center


Thirty-five of my 40 years of law teaching have been spent at the University of Oregon. Working with J.D., Masters Degree, and Ph.D. students and faculty at the UO including OIMB, OSU, and PSU interested in managing U.S. and global ocean resources sustainably has been extremely challenging and rewarding. Being part of the ENR team at the law school has allowed me to focus my recent research on the search for legal responses to our climate change challenges including ocean acidification which is adversely affecting farmed oysters on the Oregon coast.

Professor Hildreth is the author of five textbooks and many other Publications on ocean and coastal law. He has consulted frequently with federal and state coastal management agencies in the U.S. and Australia and with Pacific Island governments on environmental legal matters. Hildreth served as the University of Queensland Law Faculty's 50th Anniversary Visiting Fellow. He has served on the National Research Council's Nonnative Oysters and Coastal Ocean Committees, the Pacific Northwest Regional Marine Research Board, and the editorial advisory boards of the journals Coastal Management and Ocean Development and International Law. Hildreth practiced business law with Steinhart & Falconer in San Francisco before teaching law.


Diploma in Law, Stockholm, 1973
Diploma in Law, Oxford, 1969
J.D. Michigan 1968
BSE Michigan 1965


Ocean & Coastal Law (West 4th ed. 2013)

'Implementing Regional Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning' Environmental Law Reporter 42 No. 4: 10346-65 (April 2012)

Climate Change Law: Mitigation & Adaptation (West 2010)

'International Treaties and U.S. Laws as Tools to Regulate the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships and Ports,' The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 25: 347-76 (2010)

Place-Based Ocean Management: Emerging U.S. Law and Practice, 51 Ocean & Coastal Management 659-670 (2008).