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Sam Imperati

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Course: Facilitation

Sam Imperati is the Executive Director of ICMresolutions, a NW-based national provider of dispute resolution, facilitation, mediation, decision-making, planning, teambuilding, and training services. Sam has extensive experience in the intersection of policy, politics, and law. His public policy projects range in scope from improving air quality with stakeholders from the Dairy industry to facilitating a task force on making prescription drug prices more transparent in Oregon. He has been mediating and facilitating since 1992, and prior to that he served as a Judge Pro Tempore, a corporate attorney for Nike, and private practice attorney representing individuals and unions. In addition to his work, Sam has been active in the ADR community of Oregon, serving as Chair of Oregon Bar’s (OSB) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section, a member of the Oregon Mediator Certification Advisory Group, and a member of the OMA Standards and Practices Committee.

Sam has engaged in scholarship on the ethics and practices of mediation and has written several law review articles on that subject. He taught leadership, negotiation, ethics, & decision-making at Willamette University’s MBA program and environmental dispute resolution at Lewis & Clark Law School, and trains nationally on ADR topics. Sam received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Santa Clara and his JD from UC Davis.