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Katrina Kilgren
Attorney at Law
Katrina Kilgren is an immigration law attorney in private practice in Eugene.  At her small law firm, Kilgren Law, LLC, Katrina assists clients with a range of immigration law cases, including defense from deportation, family-based petitions, applications for citizenship, and petitions for humanitarian immigration relief.  She has substantial experience representing immigrant survivors of violence and persecution from around the world.  In addition to representing adult clients, she regularly assists unaccompanied minors and other young immigrants in their pursuit of lawful status in the United States.  
She started her law career at Immigration Counseling Service (ICS), a nonprofit immigration law firm in Portland, Oregon where she ultimately became the Senior Staff Attorney.  Katrina received her Bachelor of Arts with honors from Washington University in St. Louis and her law degree Summa Cum Laude from the University of Miami.  Prior to law school, Katrina served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central America.