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Robert Rocklin

Pro Tem Instructor

Law, Legal Studies


Bob Rocklin currently studies psychology and law, with an emphasis on criminal justice, judicial decision making, judicial selection, and empirical legal studies generally.  Before turning to psychology, Rocklin had a long career as an appellate lawyer and, before that, as a corporate tax lawyer.  Since 1998, Bob Rocklin has taught various courses at Willamette University College of Law and at the University of Oregon School of law.  Rocklin received his A.B. degree from the University of California at Berkeley, his J.D. from UCLA, and his M.S. in Psychology from the UO.


Joan M. Rocklin, Robert B. Rocklin, Christine Coughlin, & Sandy Patrick, An Advocate Persuades (Carolina Academic Press 2023).

Robert B. Rocklin & Kathleen Correll, The Death Penalty, in Criminal Law (Oregon CLE 2005).