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Fellows with the Native Environmental Sovereignty Project explore the intersection of tribal sovereignty with the protection of tribal natural resources.

Current Project: 

Tribal tools & legal levers for halting fossil fuel transport & exports through the Pacific Northwest (Abstract) 


Mary Wood
Howard Arnett

NESP Fellows

Maggie Massey - 2L- Bowerman Fellow
Maggie Massey grew up in Montana and found her heart's home when she moved to Alaska in 2013. Prior to enrolling at the University of Oregon School of Law, Maggie was fortunate to spend several years working in partnership with Alaska Native and Canadian First Nations Governments to advocate for the protection of traditional subsistence resources, and to monitor climate change impacts on permafrost and water quality in rural Alaska and Yukon Territory. Maggie received her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sociology from Whitman College .

Brendan Keenan - 3L- Bowerman Fellow
Brendan is fascinated by every facet of nature; here on Earth and elsewhere. He was drawn to Oregon by its forward thinking, its appreciation and compassion for the natural world, and its trees. He hopes to better understand how Native American tribes can achieve sovereignty through environmental protection measures. Brendan enjoys wandering, and has now slept in twenty six of the fifty states.




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