Green Business Initiative Student Association

Promoting Sustainability Through Business and Legal Frameworks

The Green Business Initiative Student Association (GBISA) is one of the first student organizations of its kind. Comprised of graduate students from the University of Oregon School of Law and the Lundquist College of Business, GBISA members are interested in and dedicated to the intersection of law, business, and the environment. GBISA's mission is to promote awareness of sustainable business practices and the legal framework and policies that support green business. GBISA's leading activity each year is to organize its annual Green Business Symposium. The 2016 Symposium: Flipping the Switch: Integrating Renewable Energy into a Sustainable Future, will focus on the future of green business and renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest. The symposium will feature multiple panels including, Energy Policy, Future City Planning and more. The Symposium will be held on April 8th at the White Stag Block in Portland.