Oregon Law Review


Oregon Law Review was founded in 1921 by the faculty at the University of Oregon School of Law. It is the oldest continuously published law journal in the Pacific Northwest and has been run by students since 1967.

Originally focused on Oregon law, the breadth of scholarship published by Oregon Law Review has expanded greatly over the years. Contributors to the Review have included scholars, practitioners, judges, and even Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. With each issue we publish, the Oregon Law Review staff seeks to advance legal scholarship with innovative, top-quality articles.

Now in its 97th year, the Review publishes two issues annually. Members of the Oregon Law Review staff are selected based on the results of a write-on competition open to first- and second-year students. In their first year on the Review, all members serve as Staff Editors. Managing Board members are elected each year by a vote of all members.

Contact Oregon Law Review

If you have any questions regarding Oregon Law Review or the submissions process, email the Editor-in-Chief.

OLR’s Journal Competition

Oregon Law Review selects its editorial staff based on student performance in a three-week journal competition held at the beginning of each summer. Rising second- and third-year law students enrolled at Oregon Law are eligible to compete in the competition, which consists of a written case note and a citation exercise, for spots among the school’s three journals.

For the case note, Oregon Law Review provides competitors with an appellate court opinion and its applicable precedent. Competitors draft a written piece analyzing the legal issues and assessing the opinion’s implications to future developments in the law. The citation exercise requires competitors to edit the footnotes and text of an abridged law review article according to rules of The Bluebook and the Chicago Manual of Style. Competitors are notified of journal membership before classes resume in the fall.