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Oregon Law Review


Current Edition
Volume 95, Number 2 (2017)



 The Gender Gap in Startup Catalyst Organizations: Bridging the Divide Between Narrative and Reality
Robin Feldman, Alice Armitage & Connie Wang
95 Or. L. Rev. 313


Wills Act Compliance and the Harmless Error Approach: Flawed Narrative Equals Flawed Analysis?
Peter T. Wendel
95 Or. L. Rev. 337


Beyond Best Practices: Lessons from Tina Stark About the First Day of Class
Emily Grant
95 Or. L. Rev. 397


Food for Thought: The Neuroscience of Nutrition to Fuel Cognitive Performance
Debra Austin, JD, Ph.D.
95 Or. L. Rev. 425



 Why Has the Bail Reform Act Not Been Adopted by the State Systems?
Kyle Rohrer
95 Or. L. Rev. 517


Implications of Abenomics on Gender Equality in Japan and Its Conformity with CEDAW
Ricky Tucker
95 Or. L. Rev. 543


A Modest Proposal: Review of the National Consumer Law Center’s Model State Consumer and Employee Justice Enforcement Act
Alex Brunino
95 Or. L. Rev. 569


“Due” the Process: The Sufficiency of Due Process Protections Afforded by University Procedures in Handling Sexual Assault Allegations
Samantha Iannucci
95 Or. L. Rev. 609


Volume 95, Number 1 (2017)



Overturning Apodaca v. Oregon Should Be Easy: Nonunanimous Jury Verdicts in Criminal Cases Undermine the Credibility of Our Justice System
Aliza B. Kaplan and Amy Saack
95 Or. L. Rev. 1


Why Vague Sentencing Guidelines Violate the Due Process Clause
Kelsey McCowan Heilman
95 Or. L. Rev. 53


Shadow Judges: Staff Attorney Adjudication of Prisoner Claims
Katherine A. Macfarlane
95 Or. L. Rev. 97


Dialogical Transactions
Lior Zemer
95 Or. L. Rev. 141


The Continued Exploitation of the College Athlete: Confessions of a Former College Athlete Turned Law Professor
David A. Grenardo
95 Or. L. Rev. 223


Book review

Diamond Justice—Teaching Baseball and the Law
Ed Edmonds
95 Or. L. Rev. 287