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Oregon Law Review


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Volume 95, Number 1 (2017)



Overturning Apodaca v. Oregon Should Be Easy: Nonunanimous Jury Verdicts in Criminal Cases Undermine the Credibility of Our Justice System

Aliza B. Kaplan and Amy Saack

95 Or. L. Rev. 1


Why Vague Sentencing Guidelines Violate the Due Process Clause

Kelsey McCowan Heilman

95 Or. L. Rev. 53


Shadow Judges: Staff Attorney Adjudication of Prisoner Claims

Katherine A. Macfarlane

95 Or. L. Rev. 97


Dialogical Transactions

Lior Zemer

95 Or. L. Rev. 141


The Continued Exploitation of the College Athlete: Confessions of a Former College Athlete Turned Law Professor

David A. Grenardo

95 Or. L. Rev. 223


Book review

Diamond Justice—Teaching Baseball and the Law

Ed Edmonds

95 Or. L. Rev. 287