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Oregon Law Review


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Volume 96, Number 2 (2018)



On Objects and Sovereigns: The Emerging Frontiers of State Standing
Raymond H. Brescia
96 Or. L. Rev. 363

Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Market Failure
John J. Chung
96 Or. L. Rev. 441


The Jury Trial and Remedy Guarantees: Fundamental Rights or Paper Tigers?
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association & Pound Civil Justice Institute
May 1, 2017

Symposium Introduction
Oregon Law Review Editorial Board
96 Or. L. Rev. 477

Symposium Articles

Foreword: Fundamental Rights or Paper Tigers?
Kathryn H. Clarke
96 Or. L. Rev. 479

The Right to Trial by Jury as a Fundamental and Substantive Right and Other Civil-Trial Constitutional Protections
Robert S. Peck and Erwin Chemerinsky
96 Or. L. Rev. 489

Horton: The Remedy Clause and the Right to Jury Trial Provisions of the Oregon Constitution
Susan Marmaduke
96 Or. L. Rev. 561

After Horton—Damages Caps and the Remedy Clause
W. Eugene Hallman
96 Or. L. Rev. 585

The Constitutional Authority of Oregon Juries: Drawing the Line on Legislative Encroachment
Travis Eiva
96 Or. L. Rev. 599

Oregon's History on Caps and the Outlook After Horton
Nadia Dahab
96 Or. L. Rev. 621

Damage Caps and Access to Justice: Lessons from Texas
Stephen Daniels and Joanne Martin
96 Or. L. Rev. 635

Setting the Stage
Hon. David Schuman
96 Or. L. Rev. 673


The Jury Trial and Remedy Clauses
Dean Erwin Chemerinsky
96 Or. L. Rev. 677


The Jury Trial Right
Robert S. Peck, Hon. Christine Durham, Hon. Michael Wolff, Paula Hannaford-Agor
96 Or. L. Rev. 691

The Remedy Clause, Reexamination of Verdicts, and Separation of Powers Principles
Travis Eiva, Susan Marmaduke, W. Eugene Hallman, Hon. David Schuman
96 Or. L. Rev. 707

The Practical Consequences of Caps on Damages
Stephen Daniels, Catherine Sharkey, Dave Miller, Gordon “Gordy” Welborn
96 Or. L. Rev. 725

Volume 96, Number 1 (2017)

Tribute to Professor James M. O’Fallon

Tribute to Professor Emeritus James M. O’Fallon
Oregon Law Review Editorial Board
96 Or. L. Rev. 1

James M. O’Fallon 1944-2017 In Memoriam
Hon. David Schuman
96 Or. L. Rev. 3

Jim O’Fallon
Rob Mullens
96 Or. L. Rev. 7

Pac-12 Commissioner’s Tribute to Jim O’Fallon
Larry Scott
96 Or. L. Rev. 9



Reflections on Being a Lawyer
Hon. James Louis Robart
96 Or. L. Rev. 11



Full Court Press: Drawing in Media Defenses for Libel and Privacy Cases
Jeffrey Abramson
96 Or. L. Rev. 19

Trump University and Presidential Impeachment
Christopher L. Peterson
96 Or. L. Rev. 57

Secession and Federalism in the United States: Tools for Managing Regional Conflict in a Pluralist Society
Erin Ryan
96 Or. L. Rev. 123

When Can You Shoot the Messenger? Understanding the Legal Protections for Entities Providing Information on Business Products and Services in the Digital Age
Ryan M. Walters
96 Or. L. Rev. 185



Moro v. Oregon: Overturning Legislative Changes to the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) Leaves Limited Options for a Cash Strapped State
Thomas S. Griffin
96 Or. L. Rev. 249



Beyond Male or Female: Using Nonbinary Gender Identity to Confront Outdated Notions of Sex and Gender in the Law
Shelby Hanssen
96 Or. L. Rev. 283

Reimagining a Lifetime of Punishment: Moving the Sex Offender Registry to a Risk of Re-offense Model
Samantha Olson
96 Or. L. Rev. 313

Surveillance Remedies: Stingrays and the Exclusionary Rule
Claire Powers
96 Or. L. Rev. 337