Law Spotlight: Angel Gambino

Alumna Angel Gambino smiling on the UO campus

Today, as a startup and entrepreneurial expert featured on the WIRED TOP 100 list, Angel Gambino stands as proof that a law degree from the University of Oregon can expand horizons far beyond the courtroom. Angel first stepped foot on the University of Oregon School of Law’s campus with the same mindset that many other potential and current students share: the drive to make a positive impact on the world around her.

Launching her Career

Angel’s concentration in school was to pursue an environmental law career. Throughout her time at Oregon Law, Angel took advantage of the opportunity to network with wildlife and animal experts from all around the globe. After graduation, she landed herself a job in Washington DC as the Director of Business and Legal Affairs for the Humane Society. Angel was able to apply the law skills she had studied at UO including lobbying, litigation, and in-house counsel work. While she was passionate about law as a practice to effectuate change, Angel decided to transition her skills over to a business focused career right at the start of the internet boom. She found that the internet, “had the potential to be more powerful than her being another lawyer on capitol hill.” Angel quickly began to prove her worth as an indispensable business development leader due to her law skills of negotiating and drafting her own contracts.

Innovating Her Own Path

Angel has a reputation for being able to predict what industry will be the next sensation to pursue a career in. When asked how she knows where to focus her attention, Angel says confidently, “do your best to listen, and create space to listen. You’ll start to see what opportunities are next.” Embarking on a startup venture in Silicon Valley, Angel is the CEO and Founder of Sensai, an AI based tool created to give customers a personalized social media marketing strategy. Again, she looks back and is grateful for her time at Oregon Law. Having the ability to assess what kind of counsel she’s dealing with while working on her startups, Angel has the chance to define what kind of legal strategy she wants to pursue.

Expect the Unexpected

Whether it’s using technical law skills, keeping an innovative mindset, or networking, Angel Gambino is taking her lessons learned at Oregon Law and using them to drive change in today’s world.