Oregon Law welcomes JD Class of 2022 to the Knight Law Center

Oregon Law's class of 2022 on their opening day outside the Knight Law Center building

The University of Oregon School of Law welcomed 154 new law ducks to the Knight Law Center August 19, 2019. Drawn to the law school for a diversity of reasons, the new students all join a legal community with an enduring legacy that spans more than 135 years.

Coming from all over the nation, approximately 75% of the Class of 2022 are from outside of Oregon and represent 29 states. Seventeen percent are first-generation college students and twenty three percent self-identify as students of color. 

The class represents 95 different undergraduate institutions, from all over the nation. Twenty-two students from the incoming class hold undergraduate degrees from the University of Oregon and are now “Double Ducks.”

“I am excited to welcome our newest law ducks to Oregon Law. This education is transformational, and I know they are destined for great success here at the University of Oregon and beyond.” said Marcilynn A. Burke, Dean and Dave Frohnmayer Chair in Leadership and Law.

Other highlights from the class include:

  • The average age is 25. 
  • Approximately half the class are women. 
  • One in every three students speaks two or more languages, including: Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, Swahili, American Sign Language, and more. 
  • The class includes three veterans who represent the Marines, Air Force, and the Army.
  • Forty-four different undergraduate majors are represented including: Education, Music, Marine Studies, Political Science, Earth Science, Finance, Biochemistry, Physics, Business, and International Relations.
  • Nineteen members of the class were college athletes. 
  • The class has several ballerinas, many musicians, Eagle Scouts, a wildland firefighter, a ballroom dancer, a child of a diplomat, a world champion roller derby player, and a Certified American Alligator handler. 
  • They have worked as cattle ranchers, poker dealers, hula hoop makers, reporters for NPR, gelato store owners, synchronized swimming coaches, teachers, law clerks, paralegals and courtroom bailiffs.