Oregon Law Grads Across the Country Conquer the Bar Exam

William Knight Law Center

Eugene, Ore. – The American Bar Association (ABA) recently released bar passage rates for accredited US law schools.  University of Oregon School of Law alumni found success on bar exams all across the country in 2019.  Of those alumni who sat for a bar exam for the first time, 85.6% passed, which is the highest overall pass rate in the state. 

As to Oregon State Bar exam results, 83.08% of Oregon Law first-time takers passed - a 2% rate over the state’s average.

In addition to reporting first-time bar passage rates, the ABA also reported what it calls “ultimate bar passage rates,” for 2017 law graduates who took the test within two years of graduation.  Oregon Law came in first in the state with 91.67% passing.

“I wish to extend congratulations to each of our successful graduates,” said Marcilynn Burke, dean, and Dave Frohnmayer Chair in Leadership and aw. “Our graduates worked incredibly hard.  As a law school, we continue to increase and refine our efforts to help our students and graduates prepare for this important milestone.” 

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