Educational Program

The LSAC PLUS Online educational program introduces you to the knowledge, skills, support, and relationships critical for successful entrance into law school and the legal profession.

Our unique program is a challenging and engaging academic curriculum that offers:

Legal Study: you will attend a Race in the Law course that explores the issue of race within American law and jurisprudence though historical and contemporary contexts.  Students will gain an understanding of how claims about responsibility, community, rationality, equality, justice, and democracy have been used to justify or resist racial segregation, integration, access, and expulsion. Students are encouraged to form their own assessment of the various ways in which the law promotes and hinders significant social change.

Practical Legal Skills: you will complete a legal writing course designed to empower students with tools for effective professional communication.  We will introduce the fundamentals of legal writing: critical reading, logical reasoning, and careful editing. In our four weeks together, students will have the opportunity to write a number of short pieces and receive individualized feedback. Oregon Law is particularly well-situated to provide exceptional writing instruction, as our Legal Research and Writing Program is recognized as a top national program, according to US News and World Report.

Leadership Development: you will unpack and unlearn some outdated ideas of leadership, and instead reframe it in a lens that allows more of us to see ourselves as catalysts for change. We'll discuss leadership as a collaborative effort among equals (we vs. me), requiring us to step into our own courage to serve something bigger and greater than ourselves (e.g. justice). Ultimately, this segment will help you understand that real leadership is about taking responsibility for the success of those around you, and that your work—our work—is to commit to a lifelong journey of learning how to do that better and better over time and context.

Professional Planning and Career Development: you will engage and network with current law students, law school faculty and administrators, and practicing attorneys in the local legal community.

Pathways to Law School: you will engage in activities previewing the law school application process and the path toward pursuing a legal education, including an introduction to the LSAT. Additionally, you will participate in activities including mock application review, a current student panel, and individual meetings with admission counselors.


This project received funding from the Law School Admission Council, Inc. (LSAC). The opinions and conclusions contained in this document are the opinions and conclusions of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of LSAC.