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The Food Resiliency Project will address key environmental and policy issues relating to all stages of the food system, including production, transportation, packaging, and consumption. These issues are examined through both a local and a transnational perspective. Local resilience to natural disaster and climate change is a key theme driving communities to develop self-sufficiency in their food systems. Important issues include patents related to modified seeds, land use reform to promote urban and household food production, use of public parks and spaces as “foodscapes,” use of conservation easements to secure urban farms, impacts from genetic modification of food and genetic pollution, transition from pesticides and herbicides, legal incentives to promote carbon sequestration in farming practices, global food trade, and international frameworks to ensure food sovereignty, security, and justice, among many more.


Michael Fakhri
Mary Wood

FRP Fellows

Sarah Alvarez - 3L- Bowerman Fellow
Sarah is from Palm Harbor, Florida. She attended University of Central Florida and earned dual degrees in Environmental Science and International Relations. She chose to attend law school because law seemed to be a good marriage between her competing science and policy backgrounds. Sarah’s work in the Food Resiliency project focuses on the right to food, intersections of poverty and food access, and models of change available to revitalize the current American food system. In her free time Sarah likes to watch bats in the evening, pull weeds, read dystopian novels, cook, and hang out with her dog, Grendel. 

Amy Hoover - 1L- Dean's Distinguished Environmental Law Fellow

Amy grew up outside Boston, Massachusetts. She earned a bachelor’s in biology with a focus on neurobiology from Yale University, then promptly turned her focus to food systems. Amy spent six years working in nonprofits at the intersection of food and social justice. After working as a community organizer, restaurant cook/intern wrangler, and grant writer, Amy seeks to engage with food systems from a legal perspective. Most Saturdays, Amy can be found shopping at the Corvallis Farmers' Market with her husband and making too-many-course meals.



 Alexandria Roullier- 2L- Bowerman Fellow 

Alexandria is from Spokane, Wa, where she attended Whitworth University and earned a degree in Peace Studies with an emphasis in Community Development and Engagement and Political Science. Alexandria loves to play board games, garden, travel, and cook meals for friends. Alexandria is working towards a Masters in Nonprofit Management as well as a JD. Outside of school, Alexandria runs a henna business that travels across the Northwest, and flips houses with her husband and friends. Alexandria developed a passion for studying food security through working with nonprofits with an emphasis on gardening and sustainable food sources in Spokane and Central America.