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Launched in 2005 following the passage of Oregon's Measure 37, a property compensation initiative, the SLU Project addresses legal issues surrounding how we choose to develop, or not to develop, lands within our communities. Fellows evaluate land use laws, theories, and practices to ensure sustainable development.


Mary Wood

SLUP Fellows

Christopher Groesbeck - 3L - Bowerman Fellow

Christopher is passionate about transparent and efficient land use, as well as providing communities with the housing resources and infrastructure needed to create inclusive, innovative, and sustainable cities. As a Utah native, growing up among the red rocks of Moab, Christopher learned to love the high desert, public land, and being an active participant in the community. Christopher is an aspiring potter and enjoys spending his free time with his wife Alex having fun outdoors. After receiving his B.S. in Environmental Science and Minor in Non-Profit Management from Brigham Young University, Christopher worked for the Louisiana Public Service Commission as an Enforcement Agent regulating disputes between consumers and utility providers. As a concurrent student studying both Law and Community and Regional Planning, Christopher is focusing his studies on land use, affordable housing, and community development. 

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Benjamin Molloy  - 3L- Sustainable Cities Initiative/Urbanism Next Fellow 

Ben is from Portland, Oregon, where he lived until he moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon. While enrolled in an undergrad student at the University of Oregon, Ben worked at a local summer camp where he supervised and lead numerous camping trips for children attending the camp across the state of Oregon. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Political Science, Ben chose to continue his education at the University of Oregon to attend law school. Since starting law school in 2016, Ben has been involved with several student groups, including serving as the Webmaster for Land Air Water and as a Managing Editor for the Oregon Review of International Law. Ben spent this past summer externing at the Lane County Circuit Court and recently moved back to Portland to extern at Vacasa, a housing rental company based in Portland. Outside of the classroom and law school activities, Ben enjoys traveling, hiking, attending concerts, and exploring Portland's vibrant restaurant culture.

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 John Quinto- 2L- Bowerman Fellow 

John is an accomplished road cyclist, rock climber, and downhill skier. His passion for cycling forgotten roads, climbing isolated areas, and skiing first tracks have led him to explore the western United States. Throughout his adventures, he observed how cities of different sizes had invested in their infrastructure to promote sustainable land use while protecting their cultural identity. John is an accountant and acquired his accounting degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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