Employment Statistics

Oregon Law graduates begin their careers in a variety of professions and in a variety of places. Every April, we report to the American Bar Association the employment status of all members of our most recent graduating class ten months after graduation. These young professionals are at the starting point, pursuing careers across the country and around the world.

As in all job sectors across the country, the impacts from the recession are evident within the legal profession. But Oregon Law students continue to find meaningful employment law in traditional practice — with both public and private organizations — and in professional opportunities beyond traditional lawyering. Oregon Law graduates can be found in nonprofit organizations, courts, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations; in small, mid-sized, and large law firms; and in the business sector. In all of these settings, our alumni serve in positions where their legal education is a significant asset to their success and that of their employer.

View the complete data Oregon Law submitted to NALP and the American Bar Association.

Oregon Law’s affiliation with the state’s flagship research university gives its students a distinct advantage. In addition to Oregon Law’s extensive alumni network, we link up with Duck alumni – which include a growing variety of professionals – connecting students with exciting opportunities around the world. The Oregon Law Career Center is committed to helping students and graduates attain their professional goals. Oregon Law students are engaging with alumni and faculty to establish lasting professional relationships and networks that get them on track to secure fulfilling and meaningful jobs.