What if you had a toolkit for solving conflict?

You will learn to diagnose, prescribe, and manage thoughtful processes to mediate meaningful solutions between people and organizations who appear to be on opposite sides of an issue. You will learn how to challenge assumptions and positions. 

One side is leading a charge. The other is on the defensive. You are negotiating for a mutually acceptable resolution. It is close. You ask, “What if…?”  Oregon’s Conflict & Dispute Resolution (CRES) Master’s Degree provides you with the knowledge and skills for success. 

Find Your Passion

Partnered with Oregon Law’s nationally ranked Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center, the CRES program is intimate and intense. The faculty is passionate. The curriculum is rich. You will learn theory and put it into practice. You will stretch yourself to consider new perspectives on competition and cooperation, relationships and responsibility, and, war and peace.

Whether it is at the office or boardroom, or in the neighborhood or between family members, the Oregon Law’s Master’s Degree in Conflict & Dispute Resolution will give you the tools to make a difference.

What’s Happening at the UO School of Law?

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