Minor in Legal Studies

Minor in Legal Studies

The Legal Studies minor examines how law shapes and is shaped by society. It combines the analytical tools associated with legal scholarship with elements of a liberal arts education by engaging the well-developed field of law and society in order to inform students’ thinking about law’s power and the potential for social change.

The offering of any of the courses below will depend on instructor availability and reasonable enrollment demand. A single substitution may be allowed under certain circumstances (see reverse side). All courses must be passed with grades of C- or better (or P* for non-graded courses). At least 12 credit-hours of upper-division courses (300 or 400 level).

Courses taken by the student toward the Legal Studies Minor can also count, as appropriate, to fulfill requirements for other degree programs (with permission from the other department). Please contact Noah Glusman, Legal Studies Program Manager, nglusman@uoregon.edu, to declare the Legal Studies Minor. In your email, please state your desire to declare a the minor and include your full name, student ID, and email address.

Core courses 8 credits
LAW-CRES Elective courses 8 credits
Campus Elective courses 8 credits
Total credits 24 credits

The offering of any of the courses below will depend on teacher availability and reasonable enrollment demand. A single substitution may be allowed under certain circumstances with approval of the faculty director. Courses must be passed with grades of C- or better.  At least 12 credit-hours (3 courses) of upper-division courses at the 300 or 400 levels. 

CORE COURSES – Must satisfactorily complete at least 2 (8 credits):

Course Number Course Title
LAW 101 Introduction to American Law
CRES 101 Introduction to Conflict Resolution
LAW 102 Introduction to Criminal Law
LAW 202 Public International Law


LAW ELECTIVE COURSES* – Must satisfactorily complete at least 2 (8 credits):
(Organized into two fields of interest: Law in American Society and Law in Global Society.  Students are encouraged, not required, to take 1 course in each of the two fields of interest.)

Course Number Course Title
Law in American Society  
LAW 103 Introduction to Criminal Investigation
LAW 104 Introduction to Business Law
LAW 201 Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
LAW 203 Controversies in Constitutional Law
LAW 250 Legal Research (2 credits)
LAW 301 Youth and Social Change
LAW 304 American Law and Families
LAW 305 Contracts in Society
LAW 310 Environmental Regulations
LAW 410 Legal Secrets (3 credits)
CRES 415 Conflict and Gender
CRES 445 Conflicts of Incarceration
Law in Global Society  
LAW 204 Immigration and Citizenship
CRES 351 Roles of a Diplomat (2 credits)
LAW 399 Transitional Justice
CRES 410 Working Abroad
LAW 415 Human Rights, Law and Culture
CRES 420 Restorative Justice
CRES 435 Israeli/Palestine Conflict
CRES 440 Dialogue Across Difference I

*Any LAW/CRES courses not listed above will count towards the LAW/CRES Elective section of the Legal Studies Minor.

CAMPUS PARTNER ELECTIVES– Must satisfactorily complete at least 8 credits (must be passed with a C- or better):

Course Number Course Title
EDST 111 Educational Issues and Problems
EDST 220 Beginning Applications in Educational Technology
EDST 225 School and Representation in Film
EDST 231 Teaching in the 21st Century
ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ES 352 Social Equity & Criminal Justice
ES 399 Race, Ethics, and Justice
ES 450 Race and Incarceration
ES 452 Race, Ethnicity, and the Law
FHS 482 Prevention of Youth Violence
INTL 360 International Cooperation and Conflict (Prerequisite is INTL 101.)
INTL 370 International Human Rights
INTL 431 Cross-Cultural Communication (Prerequisite is J201.)
J385 Communication Law
PHIL 102 Ethics
PHIL 307 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 308 Social and Political Philosophy II
PHIL 344 Introduction to Philosophy of Law
PS 368 Gender in the Law
PS 375 Race, Politics and the Law
PS 466 Civil Rights in Post-Warren Era
PS 470 Constitutional Law
PS 484 United States Supreme Court
PSY 420 Psychology and Law (Prerequisite is PSY 303.)
SOC 207 Social Inequalities
SOC 345 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 380 Deviance, Control and Crime
SOC 484 Issues in Deviance, Control, and Crime


Overview of Requirements:
1. Two Core Courses (8 credits)
2. At least 8 credits of LAW/CRES Electives
3. At least 8 credits of Campus Partner Electives
4. At least 12 upper-division credits (300/400 level) – from LAW/CRES or Campus Partner Electives
5. Must receive a C- or better in all courses (P* if grading option not available)

Course Substitution
On petition approved by the Legal Studies Faculty Director, Professor Michael Musheno, students may fulfill the course requirements by substituting one equivalent course for any one listed elective course (LAW, CRES, or Campus Partner)  The student must submit the syllabus for the proposed substitute course to the faculty director for review.

Please email Noah Glusman (Legal Studies Program Manager) at nglusman@uoregon.edu to request a course substitution. Include your student ID number, the course you wish to substitute, a syllabus or description for the course, and a reason for requesting the substitution.