Academic Choice for Excellence

The Academic Choice for Excellence, ACE, program is a dynamic effort to enhance our students’ academic life at the University of Oregon School of Law. Though ACE continues evolving into an ever more comprehensive vehicle for student enrichment, its concept and purpose enjoy a rich twenty-year tradition of success and achievement.

ACE is a comprehensive program of review sessions, tutorials, and exam preparation. ACE augments classroom learning by building study skills and fostering collaborative learning. ACE Scholars (successful upper division law students) facilitate review sessions for each doctrinal, first-year course. Individual or small group sessions may also be arranged.

Academic year sessions meet every two weeks and do not interfere with, or add to, legal studies. Exam preparation occurs a few weeks before final exams begin each semester. Small group sessions on topics such as outlining, time management, etc will also be scheduled throughout the term.

Any first-year student at the University of Oregon is eligible. All students who participate are aided in their understanding of the law school process and the many skills needed to succeed in law school and beyond.

There is no additional fee to participate in ACE. The cost of your time is negligible compared to the time you will save by developing more efficient legal study skills.

Believe it or not, it’s actually fun! You will develop useful study skills and take the “edge” off of law school. Past participants repeatedly evaluate ACE as very positive and helpful. The social contacts you make during ACE orientation and the chance to develop study groups and other informal interactions are invaluable as you settle in to your new life in Eugene.

For more information, please contact Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Nicole Commissiong at 541-346.3896