JELL - Current Issue

VOLUME 31(2) 2016




Incomplete Integration: Water, Drought, and Electricity Planning in the West

Lincoln L. Davies and Victoria Luman

31 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 167


Desalination: An Additional Water Source for Southern California’s Water Crisis and an Unsustainable 1944 U.S.-Mexico Water Treaty

Hala Alskaf

31 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 215


A Next, Big Step for the West (Part II): Model Water-Climate Enabling Legislation with Commentary

Michelle Bryan with Zach Coccoli, Graham Coppes, and Dylan DesRosier

31 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 243




Solid Grounds for Tribal Groundwater: A Look at Implied Rights to Groundwater Quality

Erika Gibson

31 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 269




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