Current LRAP Recipients

Current LRAP Recipients: Jenna Wallace, Cooper Brinson, Georgina Santos, Robin Meacher, Killian Doherty, Sara Montrone, and Rory Isbell


Cooper Brinson, Civil Liberties Defense Center
LRAP Award 2016 & 2018
Cooper came to UO Law from Florida largely because of the work done by the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Cooper clerked for the CLDC after his first year of law school and continued as a volunteer throughout school. Now he works for the organization as a staff attorney.  The CLDC works to defend and uphold civil liberties through education, outreach, litigation, and legal support and assistance. While based in Eugene, the CLDC works with groups throughout the U.S. that are challenging environmental destruction, economic inequality, racism, and police brutality.
Killian Doherty, ELAW
LRAP Award 2017 & 2018
During his graduate studies in Argentina, Killian volunteered with a non-profit working to improve environmental law and protect citizens from human rights violations, which led him to apply to UO School of Law.  During law school, Killian volunteered, externed, and interned with the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), an international network of environmental and human rights lawyers.  Killian now works for ELAW assisting lawyers around the world with research, writing, and strategizing for diverse environmental and human rights cases and law reform efforts.
Rory Isbell, Staff Attorney, Central Oregon LandWatch
LRAP Award 2018
After studying geography and environmental conflict at the University of Arizona, Rory came to Oregon and earned his JD from the UO School of Law.  Rory also earned his Masters in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) from the UO School of Planning, Public Policy and Management.  As a student, Rory clerked for two environmental organizations and a local government.  In his current role with Central Oregon LandWatch, Rory advocates for the public interest in land use and environmental issues throughout Central Oregon.
Robin Meacher, McKenzie River Trust
LRAP Award 2017 & 2018
Robin Meacher is the McKenzie River Trust Land Protection Manager in Eugene, Oregon. Robin develops and manages land acquisition projects throughout the Trust's 10,000 square mile service area encompassing eight different watersheds. Robin was Conservation Trust Project ENR Fellow and worked in land use and environmental law before joining the McKenzie River Trust. In her current role, Robin explores the variety of tools available in conservation real estate transactions. Robin is thankful to work to protect the landscapes she explores in her free time. 
Sara Montrone, Oregon Law Center
LRAP Award 2018
Sara is a staff attorney focusing on farmworker services, working in Oregon Law Center's (OLC) Ontario office.  The OLC Ontario office provides free legal services to low income clients throughout four  counties in eastern Oregon.  After externing with Northwest Worker’s Justice Project and Legal Aid Services of Oregon during law school, Sara set out to continue working to make Oregon a better place for low income Oregonians to live and work.  At OLC, Sara focuses on helping farmworkers with a variety of legal issues including employment, housing, and public benefits.
Alex Pierce, Lane County District Attorney's Office
LRAP Award 2018
During her time as a student, Alex externed for the Honorable Ann Aiken and the Honorable Karsten Rasmussen, clerked for the Honorable Charles Zennache, and participated in the Oregon Child Advocacy Project. After graduating, she then clerked for the Honorable Debra Vogt, and she is now a Deputy District Attorney in Lane County handling misdemeanor cases. As a Deputy District Attorney, she hopes to one day be an advocate for child victims of violent crimes. Alex is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lane County.
Georgina Santos, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid
LRAP Award 2016, 2017, & 2018
Georgina currently works for Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid as a housing attorney. Georgina works on a project representing Minneapolis tenants who have repair problems and whose landlords fail to comply with applicable Minnesota law. The goal of her work is to ensure clients have access to safe housing and to preserve the stock of naturally occurring affordable housing in Minneapolis.
Jenna Wallace, Coos County District Attorney
LRAP Award 2016, 2017, & 2018
During law school, Jenna clerked with the Washington County District Attorney’s Office, participated in the Oregon Child Advocacy Project, and externed at the Lane County Circuit Court for Judge Love and Judge Rigmaiden. Today, Jenna is a Deputy District Attorney for the Coos County District Attorney’s Office. As a Deputy District Attorney, she handles both misdemeanors and felonies. In the future, Jenna hopes her work will also include prosecution of human and sex trafficking cases. Jenna is excited to continue serving the Coos County community.