Other Debt Relief Resources

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Federal law provides for income based repayment of federal student loans, as well as loan forgiveness for certain types of public service employment.  Students can find resources from a recent Oregon Law 2-part debt management program in the Financial Aid and Scholarship section of mylaw. 

State-based LRAP Programs

In Oregon, the Oregon State Bar offers a loan repayment assistance program for public interest graduates who qualify under the Bar's guidelines. For information about the Oregon Bar program, visit: http://www.osbar.org/lrap.

Employer-based LRAP Programs

Some federal agencies and civil legal services organizations offer LRAPs in order to recruit and retain highly qualified attorneys. For information about employer-based LRAP programs, tax treatment of employer programs and a list of Legal Services and Federal Agency programs, visit  Equal Justice Works.

Federally funded LRAP Programs for Prosecutors, Defenders and Civil Legal Aid Attorneys

The John R. Justice Student Loan Repayment Program offers loan repayment assistance to state and federal defenders and state prosecutors who agree to stay in their positions for three years.