Law Students for Reproductive Justice

Law Students for Reproductive Justice is the University of Oregon's chapter of If/When/How, a national network of law students and legal professionals. If/When/How's aims to ensure that all people can decide if, when, and how to create and sustain families with dignity.

Reproductive justice addresses the social reality of inequality; specifically, the inequality of opportunities that we have to control our reproductive health. If/When/How recognizes the intersectionality of race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, nationality, and countless other characteristics in their relation to reproductive justice. Reproductive justice will be achieved when all people and communities have access to the information, resources, and support they need in order to attain sexual autonomy and reproductive self-determination.

At UO Law, membership in LSRJ is open to all students. Members of LSRJ aim to educate, mobilize, and mentor law students in order to build astrong legal movement in support of reproductive rights. LSRJ will host sex-positive and pro-choice sexual education events open to all students, faculty, and staff. We continue to educate ourselves and the greater community on issues related to reproductive justice in light of current legal and political challenges facing the movement. Additionally, LSRJ builds coalitions with community partners to mobilize support within the law school, University of Oregon, and our local community. Finally, LSRJ expands professional opportunities for law students by helping them secure internships and fellowships in reproductive justice law.

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