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Volume 94, Number 1 (2015)



Herd Immunity and Immunization Policy: The Importance of Accuracy

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss

94 Or. L. Rev. 1


Scale Economies, Scale Externalities: Hog Farming and the Changing American Agricultural Industry

Shi-Ling Hsu

94 Or. L. Rev. 23


Contemplating the Gap-Filling Role of Social Intrapreneurship

Tamara C. Belinfanti

94 Or. L. Rev. 67


Conflict Between Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights: A Case Study on Intangible Cultural Heritage

Paolo D. Farah and Riccardo Tremolada

94 Or. L. Rev. 125



After the Ban: The Financial Landscape of International Soccer After Third-Party Ownership

W. Tyler Hall

94 Or. L. Rev. 179



The Implications of Oregon’s TriQuint Decision for Enforcing Forum Selection Bylaws

Eleanor J. Vincent

94 Or. L. Rev. 223


The Employer’s or the Employee’s Right to Choose? The Practical Effects of Escriba v. Foster Poultry Farms, Inc. on Employer Family and Medical Leave Policies in the Ninth Circuit

Trisha Thompson

94 Or. L. Rev. 255

Volume 94, Number 2 (2016)


“Ah Yes, I Remember It Well”: Why the Inherent Unreliability of Human Memory Makes Brain Imaging Technology a Poor Measure of Truth-Telling in the Courtroom

Jennifer S. Bard

94 Or. L. Rev. 295


When Our Reach Exceeds Our Grasp: Remedial Realism in Antidiscrimination Law

Erik J. Girvan

94 Or. L. Rev. 359



Aligning the Criminal Justice System with the Mental Health Profession in Response to Hall v. Florida

Ashley Sachiko Wong

94 Or. L. Rev. 425


Tilting at Windmills: National Security, Foreign Investment, and Executive Authority in Light of Ralls Corp. v. CFIUS

Will Gent

94 Or. L. Rev. 455


Volume 94, Number 3 (2016)


Tribute to President Emeritus Dave Frohnmayer

Oregon Law Review Editorial Board

94 Or. L. Rev. 491


Foreword on David Frohnmayer

President Michael H. Schill

94 Or. L. Rev. 493




Dave Frohnmayer: The Legacy of a Life of Leadership and Law

Michael Moffitt

94 Or. L. Rev. 505


Supremely Worthwhile: Two Decades of Dave Frohnmayer Teaching Leadership

Barbara West

94 Or. L. Rev. 509


Nominated by Both Parties

David R. Hubin, Ph.D.

94 Or. L. Rev. 531


Dave Frohnmayer and the Oregon Legislature

Hardy Myers

94 Or. L. Rev. 541


Reflections of Law, Family, and Brotherhood

John Frohnmayer

94 Or. L. Rev. 561


Legislator, Lawyer, Scholar, and Teacher: Dave Frohnmayer’s Contributions to Oregon Administrative Law

Hon. Jack L. Landau

94 Or. L. Rev. 565


A Tribute to Dave Frohnmayer

Ellen Rosenblum

94 Or. L. Rev. 585


The Frohnmayer Method: Advocacy, Legal Policy, and the United States Supreme Court

William F. Gary and Alison K. Gary

94 Or. L. Rev. 589


Dave: Student, Friend, and Hero

Jesse H. Choper

94 Or. L. Rev. 629


Dave Frohnmayer and the Apocalypse That Evaporated

Marion Goldman

94 Or. L. Rev. 633


Public Funding and the Road to Damascus: The Legacy of Employment Division v. Smith

Garrett Epps

94 Or. L. Rev. 659


Dave Frohnmayer – A Tribute

Hon. David Schuman

94 Or. L. Rev. 673


A Legacy of Expression: Dave Frohnmayer and the Humanities in Oregon

Michael J. Clark

94 Or. L. Rev. 677


Dave Frohnmayer: Legacy, Schmegacy

Marla Rae

94 Or. L. Rev. 699


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