Alumni Network

Talent From Across the Nation

The Class of 2015 was a diverse group of 21 JD students from 16 universities in 11 states. In 2016, we expanded to 25 JD and one master's degree students from 21 universities in 17 states.

They brought talent and enthusiasm to the program, and left with knowledge, professional connections, and a network of friends. We hope to see them back in Oregon as honored guests of future programs and alumni events!

If you'd like to email one of our alumni to ask for their firsthand thoughts about the Summer Sports Institute, follow the links below for contact information.

Class of 2016 (under development)
Class of 2015
Class of 2014

Our alumni’s thoughts and experiences are invaluable, but if you have questions about specific program details or about the application process applicable to the 2017 Oregon Law Summer Sports Institute, you should contact Institute director Rob Illig.