The UO Summer Sports Institute emphasizes the intellectual breadth of sports law. Our goal is a truly immersive experience that is both fun and rigorous.

During the day, students take classes in antitrust, labor law, IP, Title IX, NCAA compliance, international sports arbitration, tax, torts, and more. Each subject has its own instructor. An expert in the field drawn from universities across the nation, each teaching her own particular legal specialty.

On afternoons and weekends, we invite an impressive slate of sports lawyers, agents, regulators, athletes, judges, and more to discuss their careers and comment on current events in sports law. If you’re looking to build a network of friends and mentors, there’s no place better.

Formal doctrinal classes are held each day from 9:30 – 11:20 a.m., and then again from 1:30 – 3:20 p.m.


As a sample of what to expect, below is a partial schedule of non-classroom special events from the 2016 Institute. We anticipate that 2018 will be even bigger and better!


The Institute curriculum consists of 6 credit hours of instruction. Students attend two 2-hour class sessions each day (from 9:30-11:20 am and 1:30-3:20 pm), followed by a final exam on the morning of August 6. Afternoons and evenings are filled with panels, guest speakers, movies, and games. Students who are unable to stay until August 6 may make other arrangements to sit for the exam with the approval of the program director.

Week 1

Move-In Days
Student housing will be available beginning on July 1st.  All students should plan to arrive no later than mid-afternoon on July 1st.

Welcome Dinner
On Tuesday night, attend a welcome dinner for students and their families at the Duck’s renowned Autzen Stadium. Guests will don their home-school colors in order to highlight the breadth of the cohort.

Wednesday morning, attend a brief orientation full of dull but important paperwork. After that, we’ll take students in groups to get bicycles, ID cards, and tours of the Student Athletic Center.

Movie Night
Thursday night, attend a screening of a movie about Steve Prefontaine and the history of track and field in Oregon.

Olympic Trials
Friday evening, attend the track and field Olympic Trials.

Career Day
All day Friday, take advantage of a law school filled with speakers and networking opportunities related to the world of college sports including compliance officers, NCAA and Pac-12 personnel, sports agents, and more.

Week 2

Title IX Panel
Monday afternoon, we’ll attend a confab of former coaches and athletic directors from the days before Title IX, plus some current players and coaches, and have a freewheeling discussion of what has and hasn’t changed.

Norwegian Stickball
Wednesday afternoon is game time! The East versus the West in our own special interpretation of a Norwegian Stickball match. Think kickball but with a softball bat. The rivalry currently stands at 1-1.

Whitewater Rafting
Friday morning, the class will float down the McKenzie River. The water is just bubbly enough to make it exciting, but nowhere near dangerous. This chance to bond with fellow students is, for many, the highlight of month.

Week 3

PED Panel
Monday afternoon, a group of experts, led by Professor Feldman, will discuss the challenges posed by performance-enhancing drugs.

Futsal / Soccer
Wednesday afternoon, take to the soccer fields for a game of Futsal. Incredibly, this five-on-five game may be more popular in Brazil than the beautiful game itself. It features a smaller, heavier ball that places a premium on creativity and control.

Friday is reunion day. Meet the members of the Classes of 2014 and 2015 with the hope of extending your network of friends and associates to encompass all three years. These are the folks who will be your colleagues in the industry ten years on.

Career Day
In addition to hosting the reunion, Friday will see speakers and networking opportunities related to the world of professional sports. Meet league and team counsel, experts from private firms, and more.

Week 4

Fantasy Football Panel
Monday afternoon, gather with counsel for Draft Kings to discuss the quickly evolving world of fantasy football. On the table will be the future of the industry and its relationship to illegal gambling.

Wednesday afternoon, enjoy some sun and sand with beach volleyball.

Trip to Nike and adidas
On Friday, jump on a bus and drive up to Portland for a tour of the Nike campus. After lunching with members of the Nike legal department, cross the river and get to know the opposing team at the North American headquarters for adidas. Plan to stop at the company stores between meetings.

Week 5

ADA Panel
Monday afternoon, visit with Casey Martin, the pro golfer who successfully sued the PGA under the Americans With Disabilities Act, together with the judges involved in the case and other advocates of disabled athletes.

When Dean Moffitt and Professor Weston are both in town, the only thing to do is to hit the courts! Wednesday afternoon will be our annual round robin for players of all (or no) abilities.

Negotiation Seminar 
On Thursday, Oregon Law’s Dean will take students through a half-day session on negotiation techniques, with special emphasis on the negotiation of sports contracts. 

Farewell Dinner
Alas, it must all come to an end. Thursday night you'll head out to Agrarian Ales to celebrate, say goodbye, and sample some of Oregon’s famous craft brews.

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