The UO Summer Sports Institute emphasizes the intellectual breadth of sports law. Our goal is a truly immersive experience that is both fun and rigorous.

During the day, students take classes in antitrust, labor law, IP, Title IX, NCAA compliance, international sports arbitration, tax, torts, and more. Each subject has its own instructor – an expert in the field drawn from universities across the nation, each teaching her own particular legal specialty.

On afternoons and weekends, we invite an impressive slate of sports lawyers, agents, regulators, athletes, judges, and more to discuss their careers and comment on current events in sports law. If you’re looking to build a network of friends and mentors, there’s no place better.

Formal doctrinal classes are held each weekday from 9:30 – 11:20 a.m., and then again from 1:30 – 3:20 p.m.


As a sample of what to expect, below is a draft schedule of non-classroom special events for the 2019 Institute. Although the schedule is sure to change as we approach the summer and finalize our plans, this should give you a good idea of what to expect.


The Institute curriculum consists of 6 credit hours of instruction. Students attend two 2-hour class sessions each day (from 9:30-11:20 am and 1:30-3:20 pm), followed by a final exam on the morning of August 9. Afternoons and evenings are filled with panels, guest speakers, movies, and games. Students who are unable to stay until August 9 may make other arrangements to sit for the exam with the approval of the program director.

Week 1

Move-In Days
Plan to arrive in Eugene sometime on or before Sunday, July 7. We’ll be there to greet you!

Welcome Dinner
On the first night, attend a welcome dinner for students and their families at the Duck’s renowned Autzen Stadium. Guests will don their home-school colors in order to highlight the breadth of the cohort.

Monday morning, attend a brief orientation full of dull but important paperwork. After that, we’ll take students in groups to get ID cards and tour the Student Athletic Center.

Movie Night
Wednesday evening, attend a screening of a movie about Steve Prefontaine and the history of track and field in Oregon.

Norwegian Stickball
Friday afternoon is game time. The East versus the West in our own special interpretation of a Norwegian Stickball match. Imagine kickball but using a softball bat. The rivalry currently stands at 4-1. Come on, West, we need you!

Week 2

Title IX Panel
Monday afternoon, attend a confab of coaches and athletic directors from before and after the passage of Title IX for a freewheeling discussion of what has and hasn’t changed.

Wednesday afternoon, enjoy some sun and sand with sand volleyball.

Whitewater Rafting
Friday morning, the class will float down the McKenzie River. This chance to bond with fellow students is, for many, the highlight of their visit. Students who have never rafted before should watch out for the many carnivorous river sharks!.

Week 3

Networking Panel
Monday afternoon, enjoy speakers and networking opportunities as we invite in-house counsel and other sports law experts to join us for a panel discussion about sports and the law.

Hike the Butte
Wednesday afternoon, join your fellow students and professors as we hike up Spencer’s Butte for a picturesque view of the Willamette Valley. And yes – there will be treats awaiting those who make it to the top.

Facilities Tour 
Friday afternoon, tour behind-the-scenes at Autzen Stadium, the Matthew Knight Arena, and Oregon’s famous football operations center.

Week 4

Networking Panel
Monday afternoon, enjoy speakers and networking opportunities as we invite in-house counsel and other sports law experts to join us for a second panel discussion about sports and the law.

When Professor Weston is in town, it can only mean one thing – tennis time! Tuesday afternoon will be our annual round robin for students and faculty of all (or no) abilities.

Negotiation Seminar 
On Wednesday, participate in a half-day session teaching hands-on negotiation techniques, with special emphasis on the negotiation of sports contracts. 

Trip to Nike and adidas
On Friday, drive up to Portland for a tour of the Nike campus. After lunching with members of the Nike legal department, cross the river and get to know the opposing team at the North American headquarters for adidas. And don’t forget to bring money to spend at the employees’ stores!

Week 5

International Panel
Monday afternoon, attend a meeting of international sports lawyers as we expand our networking internationally.

Soccer (?)
Wednesday afternoon, relax with friends as part of our final sports outing. Soccer? More hiking or tennis? A re-match of volleyball? Whatever the group decides.

Farewell Dinner
Alas, it must all come to an end. Friday evening, after acing the final exam, join us for wine and celebration as we say our farewells.

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